Celtic Fairy Tales #12

King O'Toole and His Goose OCH, I thought all the world, far and near, had heerd o' King O'Toole--well, well, but the darkness of mankind is untellable! Well, sir, you must know, as you didn't bear it afore, that there was a king, called King O'Toole who was a fine old king in the old … Continue reading Celtic Fairy Tales #12


Celtic Fairy Tales #11

Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree ONCE upon a time there was a king who had a wife, whose name was Silver-tree, and a daughter, whose name was Gold-tree. On a certain day of the days, Gold-tree and Silver-tree went to a glen, where there was a well, and in it there was a trout. Said Silver-tree, "Troutie, … Continue reading Celtic Fairy Tales #11