Home protection methods

  • Mix salt and spring water together with which other herbs you choose for extra additives. Starting out at the front of your home dip your fingers in the mixture and trace a pentacle while saying a protective prayer to your god/dess each time you place this seal. Pay extra attention to doors and windows as these are entry ways.
  • Hang a picture above your main door to shield your gateway. A figurine near by works well too.
  • Burn protective incense to drive out negatives.
  • Keep your space clean and free of clutter and your home will reflect it in good energies.
  • Play relaxing and pleasant tunes to promote good vibrations.
  • Rearrange your furniture to dislodge negative energies and vibrations, and proceed to sweep the whole of the home back to front and out the main door. This is an ancient method that is literally sweeping away the dirt and bad with a broom.
  • Hanging garlands over windows and doorways acts like a screen that filters out the negative  so only the positive can pass through.  What the garland is made of will have added affects as well.  (personally mine are made of cranberries and holly for extra “umf” in protecting)

NOTE: If experiencing terrible disruptions in the home then it is advised that you avoid practicing anything from the occult until your home is cleansed; Otherwise you’re intentions will be twisted and could prove to be dangerous and/or backfire.

Protecting yourself

  • wear a silver pentacle
  • bless a piece of jewelry and wear it for protection as an amulet
  • take a hot bath with salts and/or herbal oils (garlic is a powerful protective herb for any use)
  • adopt an animal you have a deep connection to magically and spiritually taking them on as a familiar
  • meditate to repair your aura and energies
  • have a hot compress on your solar plexus as you relax (of the aura or psychic energy field, and with spiritual and astral plane sensitivity, and is located just above the belly button)
  • sun bathe (no not in a tanning bed but in actual sunlight)
  • find humor and laugh
  • disconnecting yourself from the person causing the negativity (if it is a person)

While under attack try to avoid drugs, alcohol, sleeping pills, fasting, solitude, occult practices, and objects with black vibrations/negative energy.

(more to come)

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