The Runes

Runes And Tarot Cards


The runes were created in northern Europe around the 4th century AD and are still just as popular today. The story told is that the Norse God Odin speared his body to a tree to gain a greater understanding of the symbols he then passed on his knowledge to the Vikings and the runes have been known since then as the Viking runes.

Among early peoples writing was a serious thing, full of magical power. The Greek Epic poem, The Iliad, calls this writing “baneful signs.” Meaning they are signs that cause harm, ruin or death. The Germanic peoples used a runic alphabet as their form of writing, using it to identify the possession of an item, such as a sword, helmet, or staff. They used runes to make calendars, encode secret messages, and mark funeral monuments.

Runes were also used in casting spells. Spells for love or war, and even healing often employed the use of runes. The runes would be carefully ordered to spell out the name of an enemy or the desire of one’s heart; while the caster would whisper or quietly chant a poem or incantation. These two meanings also appear in Old English rûn, the ancestor of our word. The direct descendants of Old English rûn are the archaic verb ”round”, “to whisper”, “talk in secret,” and the obsolete noun ”roun”, “whispering”, “secret talk.”

“Casting” runes is a form of divination. It involves “casting” or dropping the runes and letting them fall into a pattern, then deciphering the message from that pattern. In theory the runes ‘write’ out the message to be delivered from the spirits and all you have to do is read it.

They are thought to have magical and mystical powers and were used in spell casting and to offer wise counsel. They were said to have protective powers and warriors would engrave their weapons with runic symbols. The ancient Rune casters did not record their secrets but as we are all in a state of becoming the runes can help us be the best we can be.

The symbols were chiseled into stone, there are 25 runes and they can be used for readings and offering wisdom and guidance. When using the runes you are urged to remain in the present and work on what is going on around you in the moment, you will find the message in the runes relevant to some area of your life and the more you use them the easier it is to understand the message. The runes speak to the deepest part of your being.

By understanding the inner your growth is assured, using the runes can help you to transcend difficulties and help you to make breakthroughs in your life, all that is hidden surfaces when you consult the Oracle.

To read the runes you put your hand into the bag of runes and pull out one then another then another this is called a three rune reading it depicts the past, the present and the future. The runes are read from right to left you ask a question before you choose, and remember the runes are an Oracle, they are offering wisdom rather than telling your fortune. It takes time to understand the runes but once you get to know them you will find yourself consulting them often.

Being a lite form of divination/communication it is a great place to get your hands dirty for the first time when you’re just starting out or looking for trying something new. The symbols aren’t just used as divination but the aspects of each symbol can be applied to rituals, spells, tools and such by inscribing the rune that represents the desired attribute.

Interpretation of the runes

Mannaz = The SelfMannaz

Mannaz Upright – The Self, this rune is to let you know that by being self aware growth is promised and it urges you to be open minded and to work on yourself, learn from your past mistakes and apply your knowledge, this rune is urging you to be open to the unusual. You are striving for balance if you pull this rune and you are being urged to work with the auspicious energies surrounding you.

Mannaz Reversed, Let go of old habits they are now longer working for you, stop and rethink the way you approach things. If you are feeling restricted look at your own behavior.



Gebo = PartnershipGebo

Gebo Upright – Partnership, this rune is letting you know there is an impending partnership either in a love, relationship or business and you are being guided to keep your individuality and separateness, and not to collapse into the partnership. You are urged to develop as a unique and separate entity and not in the shadow of anyone else. This rune can also symbolise a greater understanding of self. The rune is saying if you truly understand yourself and your motivations there is not a thing, you can’t do.

Gebo has no reversed meaning



Ansuz = SignalsAnsuz

Ansuz Upright – Signals, with this rune you are being urged to be alert to what is going on around you, change and awakening is about to occur and you must be focused and ready to take advantage of the moment. Self-change is imminent when this rune is drawn, it is a rune of exploration and understanding, and by working on and nurturing yourself, you have more to give to others, family closeness or family business is also depicted by this rune.

Ansuz Reversed, there may be a lack of foresight that has stopped your progress and possibly you are not communicating with yourself or others at this time, rethink your approach towards others.




Othila = SeparationOthila

Othila Upright – Separation, you are being urged to let go of all that is not necessary to your life at this time, don’t fight what is taking place it is necessary at times for you to let go so that there is space for you to receive. This rune can mean property, or the receipt of money in the form of an inheritance, or win. You are being asked to re-evaluate your life and to be totally honest with yourself about what is important and what isn’t.

Othila Reversed, you need to be very honest at this time as everything you know as your reality is being tested, bow to the lessons of the moment , to fight what is taking place is futile.



Uruz = StrengthUruz

Uruz Upright – Strength, the end of one way of being and the beginning of another there is something that is no longer relevant or necessary in your life and it is time to let go, you may at this point need, and desire, some time alone to go inwards and think about things. Events at this time may cause you to stop and re-think everything then to come up with a new approach and whether or not you are ready, some area of your life is about to change. This is the rune of momentary withdrawal you then come back with renewed strength.

Uruz Reversed, be careful that you don’t miss out on opportunities through lack of concentration, read the signs and look at warning lights, above all think before you take action.




Perth = InitiationPerth

Perth Upright – Initiation, sometimes in life you are presented with situations you feel you are not ready for, then when you look back and think about what took place, you realise you gained from it. A situation beyond your control requires you to work with what is happening from this there will be a transformation. The universe is taking over at this point and you are being forced to look at all you have taken for granted in your life, you are undergoing an initiation.

Perth Reversed, not everything you did in the past worked look at your mistakes and let them be your teachers you are being called upon to apply a new approach, do not repeat the old it will only cause you discomfort. If you are feeling tired contemplate what new steps you can take, a small change in your behavior will make a huge difference.


Nauthiz = ConstraintNauthiz

Nauthiz Upright – This is the rune of constraint you are being forced to look at your weaknesses and action at this time may be limited. We are all light and shadow and you are being encouraged to look at the shadow side of your nature, and to think about what steps you have a habit of taking, that don’t work. I call this rune the teaching rune, it is as though it stops you in your tracks and forces you to look at your own behavior. It is a time to tie up loose ends, clear out dark corners and become more organised.

Nauthiz Reversed, this rune spells limitations, blocked movement, it is your teacher disguised as mishaps and uncertainty, don’t hit things head on retreat and let things be look at your part in what is taking place and take responsibility for your actions.




Inguz = FertilityInguz

Inguz Upright – Fertility, this rune is to do with partnership on all levels, business, romantic and so-on it cites the end of one way of being and the beginning of another. A time of achievement and completion, finish what you started, let go of negative thoughts that stop your progression. This is the time to watch what you planted grow, this can be actual such as a partnership, business, or the birth of a child. This rune alerts you to rid yourself of any negativity in your life, and to let your thoughts and actions be optimistic. If you have been doing something that isn’t working at all, now is the time to let go.

Inguz has no reverse




Eihwaz = DefenseEihwaz

Eihwaz Upright – Defense, if there is something stopping your progress at this time, be still, this is not the time to force anything this is a time to be patient, it also urges you to re-think aspects of your behavior, and look closely at why something is not working. This is absolutely a look before you leap time, a time to think about the consequences of your actions, take head and you will be guided, the universe always helps those who help themselves. This may be a challenging time, this rune urges you to pay attention to what is working for you and wait for the universe to act on your behalf.

Eihwaz has no reverse




Algiz = ProtectionAlgiz

Algiz Upright – Protection, this is a time when you must be in control of your emotions and not overreact, opportunities are promised you are being tested. Look at it as a time of weight-lifting, at first it is difficult but with practice it becomes easier. There is some inner conflict you are dealing with, and when this rune appears you are being assured that you have the strength to overcome it. If you are feeling some emotional pain acknowledge it, don’t try to block it out, this is a time to learn about yourself and your capabilities.

Algiz Reversed, this is the time to take care of your health and to be optimistic it may be that you are feeling somewhat pessimistic at this time, also be aware of who you are associating with, choose to be around uplifting people.




Fehu = PossessionsFehu

Fehu Upright – Possessions, this rune spells fulfillment and it urges you to look at what in your life is working for you, you are urged to treasure and maintain what you have while you work on attaining more. It is a time of re-evaluation and to look at what is important to you and acknowledge it ,it also urges care financially. When you work hard and build something you must also protect it, you are being urged to protect what you have and to appreciate it.

Fehu Reversed, things may not be happening in the way you want them to it is not a time for sudden or rash actions, you are being tested while some area of your life is going out of balance, there is a learning curve in what is taking place. The best action in this moment is inaction.




Wunjo = JoyWunjo

Wunjo Upright – Joy, this is the rune of attainment something you have wanted for a long time is to be yours, you have reached a point in your life where there is a reward in some way shape or form. You also have greater understanding of how to progress from here, a difficult thought process or actual difficulties, are to be lifted. Somehow or other there is completion you are being reminded to remain mindful of what you already have and to maintain it. This rune usually precedes a greater understanding of who you are and what you have.

Wunjo Reversed, you are waiting for something to come to fruition and it isn’t happening, keep the faith and it will happen just not in the way you expected, some difficulties are to be presented to you but you will prevail.




Jera = HarvestJera

Jera Upright – Harvest, most anything you start when this rune shows up will work for you, as long as you are committed and persevere. This is the time of planting seeds and watching them grow. It is also a time to show patience, and to realize growth comes at a steady pace, you will have your desired outcome but you are urged not to rush things. You are being encouraged that you will be successful providing you nurture your project.

Jera there is no reverse




Kano = OpeningKano

Kano Upright – Opening, there is an area of your life that hasn’t been working and by pulling this rune there will be clarity over something that may have bemused or upset you. It is saying you can move forward and receive, providing you are being realistic about what it is you want. This is the rune of clear thinking and appropriate action, a worry is dispelled when Kano appears.

Kano Reversed, in some area of your life there is dramatic change and there is nothing you can do to stop it you can only acknowledge what is happening. Something is ending which means a new way of being for you to adapt to.


Teiwaz = WarriorTeiwaz

Teiwaz Upright – Warrior, this rune lets you know that life is in a constant state of flux and you have to be prepared for the changes that do occur. Understanding what makes you tick is the message that comes with this rune, you have to look deep within and learn to cut away the thinking that is no longer necessary to you, embrace change, embrace growth. If there is a relationship enquiry and you draw Teiwaz, it is saying the relationship is timely.

Teiwaz Reversed, when Teiwaz is reversed it is time for you to look at your behavior, are you behaving appropriately or do you have some adapting to do, be honest as you look at yourself.



Berkana = GrowthBerkana

Berkana Upright – Growth, this is the rune of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly and recognising its beauty. Berkana is saying, embrace yourself and who you are, it is a time to nurture, pamper and pay attention to you. It also promises growth as it represents fertility, the fertility can be in any area of your life, be assured there is change afoot. You may be asking the question what am I meant to be doing? This rune guides you to be patient and assures you that what is yours will come to you, have trust and faith.

Berkana Reversed, a new way of life can be yours but it seems you are doing something to stop the flow, recognize what is going on within your shadow side.


Ehwaz = MovementEhwaz

Ehwaz Upright – Movement, if a situation is stagnant this rune is saying that is about to change, this is the rune of new living environments and situations flowing into a new way of being. You are being told steady growth has occurred, and you can now be rewarded. An idea, or business may be highlighted at this time, and you are being told you have made progress which allows you to rest momentarily, it is a time of sharing good fortune.

Ehwaz Reversed, you may be jumping the gun if you take action now, make sure what you are doing is appropriate and timely. If you are unsure do not act.




Laguz = FlowLaguz

Laguz Upright – This is the rune that lets you know you don’t have control over everything in your life, it urges you to get on with life in the moment and to stop worrying so much about what is to happen next. It also reminds you that you are now in the moment that you were worrying about yesterday, it encourages you to embrace life now while still making plans for the future. You are likely to be studying, or about to study spiritual matters, if this stone appears in your reading, your intuition is heightened and you feel in tune with others. There is happiness associated with this rune and positive outcomes.

Laguz Reversed, this is not a time to push yourself to do something, especially if you are not ready, listen to your intuition go within and draw on your strength.


Hagalaz = DisruptionHagalaz

Hagalaz Upright – Disruption, this rune often appears when you feel everything is out of your control and you may be feeling overwhelmed you are being urged to remain strong and to realise this moment will pass and there will be change. It is also the rune of awakening in some way or another, it could be that you are looking at your life with a new perspective, your relationship may be going through changes. Hagalaz lets you know that change will occur whether you are ready or not, don’t struggle just go with the flow. It is very likely you subconsciously wanted change but didn’t know what action to take hence the universe assisted you.

Hagalaz has no reverse



Raido = JourneyRaido

Raido Upright – Self-worth is an issue if this rune appears, and belief in self, this is the rune of understanding what moves or motivates you in life, and what it is you really want to attain. You are being urged to be realistic and honest with yourself, when Raido appears you can be assured you are about to go on an inner journey. Raido heralds deep thinking and powerful understanding, new conclusions are usually formed when this rune appears.

Raido Reversed, sudden growth is taking place and you are finding it difficult to adjust to, don’t panic and be patient with yourself. When you are faced with difficulties it is time to reach inside and ask for guidance, stay positive at this time it will pass. Do not push yourself to do something you know you are not ready for.



Thurisaz = GatewayThurisaz

Thurisaz Upright – Gateway, this rune is staying you are standing before a gateway with your past behind and your future in front, be still, look behind you look at what brought you to this point in life, and recognise the learning that has taken place. Thurisaz promises forward movement and asks you to contemplate your past before you step through the gateway. Thurisaz is saying, look at the learning and bring it with you to help you in the future. Inner changes are taking place of that you can be assured, give thanks for the learning, and step through the gateway.

Thurisaz Reversed, this is not a time to dwell on your problems, it is a time to rise above as your perspective, and attitude is all important at this time to help you overcome, no hasty decisions are to be made.

Dagaz = BreakthroughDagaz

Dagaz Upright– Breakthrough – When you pull this rune be aware that change is dramatic, a 180 – degree turn is promised and nothing will stay the same, this is a positive rune telling you that change has occurred at the right time. It is saying be alert, as opportunities will come to you in an abstract form, and you must be ready to embrace them. Life is to take on a new tone, a new way of being will be yours. Dagaz is often followed by abundance and urges you to protect and treasure what you are to receive. Expect nothing less than total transformation either mentally and emotionally, or actually, this rune speaks to urge you to embrace a new way of being, even turning around a difficult thought process.

Dagaz has no reverse



Isa = StandstillIsa

Isa Upright – Standstill, when this rune appears all you can do is be still, it is like being snowed in, and when this happens there is nothing you can do but wait for the thaw. Inaction is the right action at this time, it could be that it is necessary for you to let go of something to allow you to move forward, recognise this and the thaw will begin. This is a natural progression in life, let go and be open to the new, be patient and go within.

Isa has no reverse



Sowelu = WholenessSowelu

Sowelu Upright– Wholeness, this is not a time to expend your energy or waste it on others who may be demanding your attention. You may find it necessary to retreat from situations, or a situation that is not working for you, and for you to re-think some area of your life. You are looking for balance and harmony, at this time it is necessary to slow your pace, you are urged to smell the flowers, look at the trees, notice the sky, and be present. Nothing can be forced at this time, it is a time for you to show strength and stand up for yourself.

Sowelu has no reverse


Odin = UnknowableOdin

The Blank Rune – Kismet and Destiny is associated with this rune, it promises new beginnings, letting go and moving forward, there is ultimate potential all around you and anything is possible when you pull the blank rune. It speaks of dreams, hopes, and promises joy. The Blank Rune holds within all that is yet to be, stand back, relinquish control and let things happen, it also carries with it the element of surprise.

The Blank Rune has no reverse




Elements of Magick

This is one big collection of a bunch of correspondences for the elements. I personally like having my information in easy to find formats. Hope you guys find it as equally useful. Organized by the 5 elements; earth, air, fire, water, spirit.

Earth earth

Winter’s Slumber

Rest & Renewal


Time of day: Midnight

Season: Winter

Time of Life: Advanced Age

Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Tarot Correspondence: Pentacles

Type of Energy: Receptive

Basic Nature: Fertile, moist, nurturing, stabilizing, grounding, protective

Colors: Black, brown, green, earth tones

Tools: Pentacle

Spirits: Gnomes, ruled by King Ghob

Archangel: Gabriel

Wind: Boreas

Sense: Touch

Stones: Moss agate, emerald, jet, olivine, salt, black tourmaline, onyx, rock salt

Natural Symbols: Salt, clay dish of fresh soil, rocks, sheaves of wheat, acorns

Tree: Oak, pine, elm, earth mother – birch

Plants: Comfrey, ivy, grains, barley, oats, corn, rice, rye, wheat

Animals: Stag, cow or bull, snakes, bison, dogs, horses, earthworms, unicorns in

their groves

Places: Caves, canyons, chasms, forests, groves, valleys, fields, farms, gardens,

parks, plant nurseries, farmer’s markets, kitchens, baby nurseries, basements,

mines, holes.

Goddesses: Ceres, Demeter, Gaea, Mah, Nephthys, Persephone, Prithivi, Rhea,


Gods; Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Marduk, Pan, Tammuz

Rituals: Money, prosperity, fertility, stability, ground-breaking, employment,

introspection, divination, gathering of personal strength.

Ritual Forms: Burying, planting, making images in soil or sand, energizing crystals,

feeling the stillness in stone.

Earth Represents Law, solidity, reliability, recognition of the

inescapable order of things, Nature in its permanence aspect.

Farrar- Spells and How they Work

Rules over: physical body, growth, the natural world, the earth, stability,

foundations, material wealth, silence, introspection, self-perception, rest,

renewal, (re)storing energy, creativity, metals.

“I look to the North, to the mountains, the caves and the

ravines hidden in darkness. The Earth is solid beneath my

feet, I am filled with the energy of growth, of fulfillment, of

permanence.” – Ariendel



Spring’s Rebirth


Air represents Life, the principle of mind, intelligence, the

left-brain, linear-logical faculty, creativity and the

healing of functional disorders.

Farrar- Spells and How they Work

Time of day: Dawn

Season: Spring

Time of Life: Infancy

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Tarot Correspondence: Swords

Type of Energy: Projective

Basic Nature: Flying, moving, fresh, intelligent, suspending, Sound is a manifestation

of this element.

Colors: Yellow, white, chartreuse, purple/lilac, sky blue, pastels

Tools: Wand, athame, sword, censer

Spirits: Sylphs, ruled by King Paralda

Archangel: Micheal

Wind: Eurus

Sense: Smell, hearing

Stones: Imperial topaz, citrine, mica, opal, pumice

Natural Symbols: Feathers, incense smoke, fragrant flowers, eggs, seeds

Tree: Aspen, pine, maple, eucalyptus

Plants: Frankincense, myrrh, pansy, primrose, vervain, violet, yarrow, dill &

other culinary herbs

Animals: Birds and insects, spiders, hawk and eagle in particular, butterflies,

dragonflies, griffons

Places: Mountaintops, windswept plains, cloudy skies, high towers, airports,

schools, libraries, offices, travel agencies, psychiatrists offices.

Goddesses: Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Nuit, Urania

Gods: Enlil, Khephere, Mercury, Shu, Thoth

Rituals: Travel, instruction, study, freedom, knowledge, recovering lost items,

beginnings, setting things in motion, starting a journey.

Ritual Forms: Tossing objects in the air, suspending tools in high places, falling

light objects, visualization, positive thinking, planting seeds, blessing the earth.

Germination, Budding

Rules over: logic, intuition, wisdom, learning, theory, fertility, the breath of the

body, new beginnings, starting over, planting for the future, making plans.

“I look to the East where the rising sun peeks through the clouds, over

the treetops, and on high plains. The winds caress me, bringing inspiration,

wisdom and clear thought on a breath of Air.” -Ariendel



Summer’s Bright Energy

Frenetic Growth


Fire represents Light, energy, drive, potency, fertilization in

the organic and energizing sense, desire, the healing of organic

disorders, the destruction of outworn or negative.

Farrar- Spells and How they Work

Time of day: Noon

Season: Summer

Time of Life: Youth

Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Tarot Correspondence: Wands

Type of Energy: Projective

Basic Nature: Purifying, destructive, cleansing, energetic, sexual, forceful,


Colors: Red, orange, gold, white(pure heat), hot pink

Tools: Censer, sword, knife, wand

Spirits: Salamanders, ruled by their king Djin

Archangel: Ariel

Wind: Notus

Sense: Sight

Stones: Amber, obsidian, rhodochrosite, ruby, lava, garnet, fire opal

Natural Symbols: Flame, lava, heated objects, cauldron, forged metals

Tree: oak, holly, chestnut, cedar, walnut

Plants: Garlic, hibiscus, mustard, nettle, onion, red peppers, red poppies, cacti,

coffee beans (stimulant)

Animals: Snakes, lions, horses whose hooves strike sparks, crickets, scorpions,

ladybugs, bees, sharks, dragons, the phoenix

Places: Deserts, hot springs, volcanoes, ovens, fireplaces, bedrooms (sex),

weight rooms, locker rooms, saunas, athletic fields

Goddesses: Brigit, Hestia, Pele, Vesta

Gods: Agni, Hephaetus, Horus, Prometheus, Vulcan

Rituals: Protection, courage, sex, energy, healing, strength, authority, banishing


Ritual Forms: Burning or smoldering, heating, jumping a flame, candle magic

Rules Over: Heat, Passion, Energy, Healing, Purification, Joy, the spirit within us, destruction,

spirit, sexual tension/sexual attraction, fertility, growing into one’s potential.

“I look to the South, the noonday sun bakes down upon the deserts, the

plateaus, and the volcano’s mouth. In the heat I am consumed by

passion, filled with energy, healed and reborn by Fire.” -Ariendel



Autumn’s Harvest

Promise Fulfilled


Water represents Love, relatedness, the right-brain, intuitive

function, the cycle of death and rebirth (and therefore initiation),

Nature in its cyclical-growth aspect, the formative womb and

the nourishing breast

Farrar- Spells and How they Work

Time of day: Twilight

Season: Autumn

Time of Life: Maturity

Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Tarot Correspondence: Cups

Type of Energy: Receptive

Basic Nature: Flowing, purifying, healing, soothing, loving

Colors: Blues and greens of the sea, gray, indigo, black

Tools: Cup, cauldron

Spirits: Undines, ruled by King Niksa

Arc Angel: Raphael

Wind: Zephyrus

Sense: Taste

Stones: Aquamarine, chalcedony, coral, jade, lapis lazuli, moonstone, sugilite

Natural Symbols: Cup of water, seashells, sea stars, ice, scrying tools.

Tree: Ash, willow, apple, poplar, elder, hazel

Plants: Ferns, lotus, mosses, rushes, seaweeds, water lilies

Animals: Dolphins, fish, seals, whales, octopi, water creatures and sea birds,

sea serpents, Nessie

Places: Lakes, springs, streams, rivers, beaches, oceans, wells, swimming

pools, bathtubs, showers, bedrooms (for sleep), health spas, steam rooms,


Goddesses: Aphrodite, Isis, Mariamne, Mari, Tiamat, Yemaya

Gods: Dylan, Ea, Llyr, Manannan, Osiris, Neptune, Poseidon

Rituals: Purification, love, psychic awareness, dreams, sleep, peace, marriage,


Ritual Forms: Dilution, placing into water, washing away, bathing, messages in a

bottle, setting leaf boats afloat, freezing.

Rules over: Emotion, Intuition, Love, Feelings, the Womb, the blood in our veins,

sorrow as healing, divination, tapping into the unconscious mind, allowing ourselves

to fully feel.

“I look to the West, I see the reflection of the setting sun on the

lakes, the rivers and the seas. The Waters swirl around me,

shifting emotions, perceptions, ever changing and renewing.”




Transcending Balance

Deity Within


Also known as Akasha the immutable, changeless source of all energy.

Time of day: Beyond all time, all time is one

Season: The turning wheel

Time of Life: The cycle of life and rebirth

Tarot Correspondence: Major Arcane

Type of Energy: All

Basic Nature: Mystery, the unknown, deity within and without, the force of change

Colors: White, Silver, Purple

Tools: Cauldron

Sense: Hearing, Intuition

Stones: Quartz crystals, pearl, opal, agate, magnetite

Natural Symbols: Humanity

Tree: spirit, to hear – poplar, spiritual focus – oak, spiritual struggle – chestnut

Plants: Mistletoe

Animals: All and none; Sphinx

Places: The void, vacuums, outer space, inner mind

Goddesses: Isis, the Secret Name of the Goddess, Shekinah

Gods: Akasha, Iao, JHVH

Rituals: Self-knowledge, self-affirmation, communing with deity, seeking religious


Ritual Forms: Meditation, communion with nature/deity, divination

Rules over: Transcendence, transformation, the deity within us all, all other elements in

balance, seeking the mystery, the spirit that moves us, that calm space where we can

renew our spirit when it is worn.


“I look within myself and I see power, mystery, and potential.

To find my Center is all that I need to know deity and live my

life to the fullest.” -Ariendel

Air is the wind, the breath of creation;

Fire is the sun, the spark of creation;

Water is the oceans and rains, the blood and tears of creation;

Earth is the mountains and soil; the body of creation.

These combined with Spirit are the elements of life and magic.

– Sherry Lore




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This work © 2003 Iowa Pagan Access Network, For republication permission contact IPAN, PO Box 861, Iowa City, IA 52244-0861

Amunet “the female hidden one”

AmunetAmunet (/ˈæməˌnɛt/; also spelled Amonet or Amaunet) was a primordial goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. She is a member of the Ogdoad and the consort of Amun.

Her name, meaning “the female hidden one”, was simply the feminine form of Amun’s own name. It is possible that she was never an independent deity, as the first mention of either of them is in a pair.

By at least the Twelfth dynasty (c. 1991–1803 BC) she was overshadowed as Amun’s consort by Mut, but she remained locally important in the region of Thebes where Amun was worshiped, and there she was seen as a protector of the pharaoh.

At Karnak, Amun’s cult center, priests were dedicated to Amunet’s service. The goddess also played a part in royal ceremonies such as the Sed festival. Amunet was depicted as a woman wearing the Red Crown and carrying a staff of papyrus.

In late texts from Karnak she was synchronized with Neith, although she remained a distinct deity as late as the Ptolemaic period (323–30 BC).


Area of Influence:

Pantheon: Egyptian

Consort: Amun

Plant/Tree: Papyrus

Symbols: Red Crown, Papyrus




The White Goddess

A different Beginner’s Course

A Beginner’s Course on Magick

by Phil Hansford

MAGICK 1 – Why Magick:
parapsychology and psychic phenomena
examples of ESP
examples of PK
the subconscious
why do magick?
magick vs. witchcraft, alchemy

MAGICK 2 – The Subjectivity of Experience:
the model
the true will
systems of magick

MAGICK 3 – The Four Worlds:
microcosm and macrocosm
magick white and black
the great work
your magical diary

MAGICK 4 – Elements and Forces:

MAGICK 5 – Chakras and Meditation:
the tattvas
health and diet

MAGICK 6 – Thoughtforms and Spirits:
developing clairvoyance
the aura
directed attention

MAGICK 7 – Basic Ritual:
creative visualization
basic parts of a ritual
the magick circle
artificial elementals

MAGICK 8 – Healing and Banishing:
absent healing
the banishing ritual
the planets

MAGICK 9 – Astral Projection:
forms of astral projection
states of consciousness
techniques of astral projection

MAGICK 10 – Cabala:
the four worlds
the sefirotic tree
the paths

MAGICK 11 – Psychic Energy:
planetary correspondences
willpower and magick


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Beginner to Advanced Techniques for speaking with Deities

God Talk

Speaking with the Gods

When I was just a kid, I remember my Grandma keeping various candles about the house that she used for different purposes. One was in the shape of a five-pointed star and was green. This was her money candle. These early memories must have influenced me because I’ve always been attracted to candle magic. I enjoy the choice of color, scent, and shape. When developing my own rituals for communicating with deities, candles were a natural choice.

Jay’s Starting Technique

The first step is to choose an entity that you wish to speak with. It can be a God, Goddess, or nature spirit. I won’t go into communicating with the spirits of deceased humans in this article. Once you have selected your subject of interest, do some research on them. Find their associated symbols, read and familiarize yourself with stories about them, even look for related art. Really get familiar with them, and get your mind tuned to their essence.

For this technique we’ll use a slightly ritualistic approach with candle magic. Find a candle that you feel represents the deity you are going to communicate with. Try and find a color, smell, shape or size that reminds you of the deity’s attributes. For instance, I think of Manannan as a storm god, so I chose a black candle that had a very masculine and mysterious scent to it. The shape didn’t matter to me as much and so I chose something practical, but it can be helpful symbolism to chose a 3-sided candle for communicating with a triple-aspect goddess and so forth.

Once you have the candle, it’s good to add some personal touches to its appearance to give it more importance. This can be done by carving a symbol representing the god or goddess into the candle. If you are unsure what symbol to use, there are plenty of books that cover this topic, or you can try searching for information on the internet. If the deity correlates with one of the planets, you can use the astrological symbol. 0e59e842b813d62cab15bc978cf574ee--astrological-symbols-astrology-symbolsIn addition to symbols, you can attach plants and herbs or surround the candle’s base in a wreath of them. A decorative holder can also be used, such as a shining gold base for a sun god, a shallow bowl filled with water for those water related, and the same for Stones, earth, feathers, you name it! Make the candle special with whatever feels right to you and has a strong personalized connection to the spirit you want to speak with.


With the candle prepared, the next step is to imbue it with the energy of your will and desire. This process can be started while you are working on decorating the candle. Think about what you know of their history, their nature, and what you hope to gain by speaking with them. Feel the energy pouring out of your hands as you work on the candle. Do this at a time when you are feeling an appropriate level of enthusiasm. Give the candle your full focus, making sure distractions don’t take you away from the task. This candle is an expression of your willpower to communicate with a higher entity, and a vessel for your personal energy. It may seem like a lot of work, but this is something you will be using over and over again. I personally feel it lends extra power to the candle the more times you use it.

The second step is to plan a good a time and place to make the connection. For Manannan, since I didn’t live near the ocean at the time, I chose to communicate during a storm. Likewise, working with a moon deity is best in view of the moon at night, and a nature deity could be contacted in the woods. For some situations you’ll have to create your own environment. For fire deities, you could try it in front of a fireplace or in a dark room lit by a lot of small candles. The idea is to make you feel closer to the element of that God/Goddess, and to put you in an appropriately mystical mood. It’s not a requirement that you be near a like element at all, only a suggestion to help increase the conductivity. Of course it is also always sensible to find a place or time you won’t be disturbed during the process.

Once your candle is ready and everything is in place, simply sit there for a while and calm yourself. Get all distracting thoughts out of the way (as much as any human can expect to) and get comfortable. If you want to be in a chair, on the floor, or standing, do it. Go with whatever feels right in this situation. As you light the candle in front of you, say the deity’s name out loud like a mantra. Elongate the syllables and really feel the name. “Maa-naan-naaan” or “Briiih-ghiid” etc. Repeat the name while willing the god or goddess to appear in front of you. Make your will and your call a friendly invitation and a hopeful request for conversation. Some people will see a visual signifier that a presence has entered the room, others will simply sense a shift in the rooms atmosphere. There isn’t one key event used to signify that a deity has arrived. Sometimes they will speak first, other times they will enter and wait to be addressed. I usually sense a building of energy in front of me as the deity enters the room. When this build-up stabilizes is when I attempt to converse.

This is the hardest part to describe, as it may be different depending on the person. When I communicate with a deity or spirit, I often speak out loud. If you choose to speak out loud, also be sure to “think” what you are saying loudly. Make sure that as you are saying the words, you are also thinking of those words and what they mean. As humans we have the amazing ability to speak while thinking of something totally unrelated at the same time. Try to maintain a balance of focus and relaxation. After you speak, immediately clear your mind of thought and listen for an answer. Be patient and be open. Some people receive communication in the form of images, others hear the voice respond in their mind, and some receive mental concepts in return. Feelings and ideas can be as effective as words, and you may want to try communicating with those as well. Likewise if you relate to images stronger than words, try communicating by sending images to the god. Experiment and find the method that works best.

I recommend your first communication with the deity to be an introduction and a statement of purpose. Much like when you approach someone in person, introduce yourself and let them know why you’re talking to them. Tell them about yourself while also expressing interest in who you are speaking to. Maintain a cordial tone and be respectful until you know who you’re speaking to better. It is very possible to have a casual relationship with a deity but in the beginning I highly recommend keeping things more reserved. After introductions are out of the way, wing it. Respond to what they say or move the conversation toward your goal.

For some people, success will be instant. For others practice is needed. I find that the more times you speak with a spirit or deity the easier it becomes to hear and communicate. Some people become comfortable enough that they can communicate while walking in the woods or while driving to work. There will be days, no matter how often you practice, that your mind is too distracted or nervous, so don’t give up and don’t let failure get you down! The rewards out weigh the effort by tenfold!

Advance Spirit Bonding Technique

Before we begin with the advanced technique, I’d like to say that this is potentially dangerous. In spite of this I feel comfortable publishing it for two reasons: 1. Too many magic and occult books shy away from anything potentially unsafe or risky, which is somewhat dishonest. There are dangers on the astral plane, from immoral magic users in the form of psychic attack, and negative nature elementals. That’s a fact any active occultist will have to face someday. 2. Not everyone is going to be able to apply this technique, as it requires some amount of experience and skill. If a newbie is able to do this, then their natural gift will hopefully help them deal with the results.

This is more than just communicating with a God. It is sharing your physical body; being a host for the deity’s spirit or soul. Making one’s body available to an outside energy is the basis of channeling, and in my experience there are two levels of this process. The most extreme version of channeling has the host completely leave his body so that another entity can inhabit it. This is not only the most dangerous but also the least useful to the experiencer. Classically in this situation a second person is required to interact with the channeled spirit as the body’s true soul is pushed or displaced to a different location during the session. If you were to attempt this on your own, you would remember only fragments at best.

What I am teaching here allows a very temporary coexistence within your body. Your soul still fully inhabits its vessel and the god or goddess overlaps parts of your soul while partially occupying your body. Let me simply go over a typical session’s requirements and events and I’ll expand on this concept as I do. This should of course be done with an entity you have communicated with frequently and one with which you share a close bond of trust.

I strongly advise doing the advanced communication technique in a well shielded area that you have done magic in previously. Be at your most comfortable and secluded. Ask anyone in your home not to disturb you no matter the reason, turn off your phone, etc. Do whatever you usually do to get yourself into a trance like state. (Incense, dark room, music, whatever.) Call the deity you wish to attempt this with as you always do. You of course want to discuss this idea with the god or spirit as they may be unwilling or unable. I only say unable because of the large range in spirit or deity type, although I believe most all types are capable of this. Once the event is agreed upon, a shift in your will is required. This may vary depending on the type of psychic self defense you have. If you keep shields around you to keep out all outside energy types, you will of course have to lower these or alter their intention. If you have them you know how to do this. Next, one needs to become fully aware of his or her spiritual energies. Quiet your mind and feel the shape of your astral body and the energy that infuses your physical being. Feel the flow of energy and lightly part it in front of your body as if you were opening a door. Mentally/verbally say: “It is my will that (name) enter and share my body.” If you want to alter this sentence to have preset limitations (such as “ body for the next 20 minutes”) it is fine of course, although you may want to question why you have a trust issue. Let the deity’s energy flow into you. Don’t feel like you have to react to it, simply let it be. You won’t have to combine your energy with that of the god, they should be able to flow over and around each other without mixing.

The experience at this point will vary depending on who or what you are communicating with. The first thing I always feel is very strong energy flowing into my body. This may be gradual, or it may be very quick. It is the entity merging with your body. Because of the size and strength of most deities, the whole of their essence will not fill your body completely. Only a portion of it will, and the rest will surround your body. My awareness increases dramatically at this point and my perception is very different. Senses like taste, sound, and smell will be most apparently different. An odd combination of divine experience and physical sensations overlap at the same time. Knowledge can be shared very quickly in this mode, although each entity should have control over what knowledge is imparted. The potential at this point is up to you and who you are dealing with. The mutual benefits should be obvious. The energy overflow from having multiple souls in one body, especially one being a deity, is too much to handle for an extended amount of time. If this is the first time you’ve attempted this, you may want to keep it short. Use your own judgment with this. Go by your gut, and if you feel like you should quit or it is getting to be overwhelming, just stop.

The separation process for me has always been a communication to the deity that it is time to stop and the energies have always willfully been withdrawn. Another reason to only do this with a trusted entity that you have worked with many, many times before. Re-shield yourself as necessary. You should find yourself feeling very energetic when this experience is over.

Question and Answer section:

Q. I’m hearing a response when I try to communicate, but how do I know that it’s not me answering my own questions? -or- Are the voices in my head coming from the inside or the outside?

A. Sometimes we question if the conversation we’re hearing is self created. For me it often feels too strong and different from my own thoughts to be doubted. Other times it may seem too much like, and may even be, inner dialog. You’ll reach a point where you’ll know you are speaking to someone else because you’ll learn things you didn’t already know, and get answers to your question that you never would have expected. Sometimes you want to hear an answer so badly your inner-self offers up an answer and blocks out the deity. This is normal. Just clear your mind, take a deep breath, and sharpen your focus. I think a healthy dose of skepticism is great, but a friend of mine advises to simply not worry too much about it and press on. With practice you’ll know for sure.

Other times our inner-voice offers up an answer because it should be listened to. More than once, while asking for advice, I have found that I already knew the answer before the question was finished. This is good too, and shows us in our busy world how little we take time out to quietly do some soul searching.

Q. I’ve tried speaking with (insert deity name here) many times now and never with any success. What am I doing wrong?

A. You may want to try a different technique than mine, or change any technique so that it works better for you personally. Also, you may want to attempt speaking with a different deity. You will find you have better connections with some more than others because of their nature and your own. Just like people in your work place and in your family, it’s simply easier to talk to some people than others.

Some deities are also more person friendly than others. Some don’t feel the need to communicate with humans, or are very selective. Most seem to enjoy it, and welcome the opportunity. You may want to make sure you are making your attempt with respect. Commanding a god or goddess to appear isn’t very effective or cool.

Q. Isn’t speaking to God or whatever a sign of insanity?

A. Ah yes, this classic idea springs from stories of mad bombers and murderers who were commanded by God to commit such heinous acts. My first response is to point out that even if someone told you to kidnap a bus full of nuns, you’d have to be really nuts to simply say: “Okay. Sure, I’ll get right on that.”

Aside from that, no it doesn’t mean you’re crazy. Pagans, Hindus, some Christian groups, and many other religions have some sort of way to communicate with god.

A pinch of skepticism is good, so if you hear something scary or crazy, by all means dismiss it. If the whole topic makes you too uncomfortable, simply don’t do it. If it makes you feel better, they say that really insane people are too crazy to question their own sanity.

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Protecting Others Psychically

As you become more comfortable and skilled in protecting yourself, there will be times when you may want to shield another person or loved one. You can extend the protection skills you have honed for yourself to help others.


Many people feel that an essential first step in protecting someone is to first gain that person’s acquiescence. There is some wisdom to this. They may not actually need your help. If you see a loved one struggling though rough times they may need to experience these hardships in order to motivate themselves to find a solution. A person may also seem to be overwhelmed when in fact they feel they are handling the situation in the best way possible. Basically without directly asking the intended person if they need help, it is hard for us to make a fair judgment if any help should be given. So rule number one is to ask if your help is need before you provide it.

Ideally someone will ask you for help, thus bypassing this entire issue. Get as many details on what they need help with. Do they feel they are being psychically attacked? Are they seeking refuge from a situation that they actually need to face? Be as systematic and logical in assessing their needs as you would be with your own. If you don’t actually want to help this person then you probably shouldn’t attempt to shield them. Protection is so strongly based on will that a ward created grudgingly would be of little use.

Also, if the recipient of the shield practices magic themselves, you should ask if they’ve made any attempts on their own and if so of what sort. Discuss the nature of the shields they attempted to create, even if they felt it was completely ineffective. If the protection they tried to create was made to attack anyone back, was created during anger or frustration, or was anything more than a shell they wrapped around themselves, you will want them to first deconstruct those shields.

Preparing yourself is very important as well. Make sure you shield yourself well before doing magic for anyone else. If there are any unpredictable backlashes you will be glad you did. Build your energy levels up as much as you can. It will be more draining to create a shield for someone else. You should first shield yourself at least an hour ahead of time before you plan on doing magic for the other person. After you shield yourself you can ground and work on building up your energy levels.

When you’ve chosen a course of action and a method for shielding you next need to implement it. Find a quiet place to perform the magic where both of you won’t be disturbed. Ideally the intended subject will be in your immediate presence. The subject of the magic should be in a comfortable position so that they don’t need to move around much. They should occupy their mind as much as possible during the process. If they are capable of keeping their mind clear that is good. Otherwise you may have them visualize a place where they feel safe or a place the often like to visit. The reason for this is to keep their mental energies from interfering with your own. This also has a benefit for you as it can be hard to focus on the task at hand while someone is watching or scrutinizing you.

There is no set rule for the physical positioning between the caster and the recipient. Some people like to have their hands close to where they are making the shield, moving the hands up and down the body as it is created. Others are comfortable sitting away from the subject on a separate couch and passing the energy over the distance. Experiment and find what works best for you. When performing the actually shielding method you have chosen be sure that you are using your energy to wrap the recipient and not their own. A few of the protection techniques on this site involve charging ones chakras or psychic centers. You don’t want to visualize the chakras of the other person. It is your energy that you are using to protect them. Although most of the shield techniques given earlier can be used on another person, choose a means that does not directly involve the chakras at all. You can of course charge your own psychic centers beforehand to increase your energy level. Here is a fairly easy method you can use on another person.

The Blanket Technique

Visualize in the air between you a dot of pure blue light. Increase this light’s intensity until it burns very bright. Take this dot and trace with it a square twice as big as the person you are going to shield. This is the outline for the blanket we are creating and it must be big enough to wrap around the subject at the end. When you trace the outline of the blanket its lines should stay visible and shinning in your mind’s eye. Once the outline is complete, begin to pour energy into the square shape. Fill the square with as much energy as you can muster letting it fill the entirety of the shape and even become thick like a fluffy comforter. While you are filling the square with energy, be sure to acknowledge the protective powers you want to be inherent within. Think of the specific circumstance that they are seeking protection from and instill this energy with the power to resist and repel it. Once this blanket of energy it complete, move it to the subject and wrap it around them. It should reach completely around them, even covering the area above the head and below the feet. Allow it to become solid once all parts are covered. Hold this image in your minds eye for a good minute before letting it go.

You should put more energy into this other person’s shield than you would your own. Without being connected to any replenishing energy source, this shield isn’t going to last as long one of your own. You also want to make sure you clearly visualize any energy that is connecting between you completely dissipated. This is to ensure your energy is drained to support the shield.


The shield you create for another isn’t going to last as long as one created for yourself and if you intend for it to provide protection while under fire, you will have to recharge it at last once a week, perhaps even once a day. Before you attempt to recharge it, first try and sense what condition the shield is in. Is it still strong and holding up, is it rather weak, or has it collapsed completely? This way you can judge how much energy to use when you refresh it. If you feel the shield didn’t take or collapsed altogether, simply recreate the shield as you did the first time, but plan to check it and recharge in shorter invervals. If the shield is still holding up, recharging is very simple. Follow the short method below.

Recharge Ball Technique

Get into your ready state making sure to build your own energy levels up to a very high level. As with the initial creation of the shield, it is best to do this in person with the other individual in a very calm and relaxed state. Push your energy out in front of you and gather it into a ball. Charge the ball with as much energy as you feel the shield requires until you feel it is vibrant with light. Extend a thread from the ball to the shield of the other person. Mentally focus on the idea that the energy is going to pick up the same attributes that the shield energy already has. Poor this ball of energy slowly into their shield, visualizing it glowing more and more brightly as it is repowered until the ball is depleted completely.

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Psychic Protection: What to do during a psychic attack

If you feel you are under psychic attack, you first want to assess why. I have found that many people’s favorite form of attack is the psychological bluff. They will tell you that they are going to “get you”, “destroy you magically”, or “use their powers to make you pay.” I even have witnessed someone threatening to kill a group of people over the Internet. Needless to say, none of the intended victims actually died. If someone actually had such power they certainly wouldn’t feel so insecure that they need to harm people whose online opinions offend them. So first try to assess if your attacker is really a threat or not. If this is someone you know and have they made empty threats in the past? Is it someone who has mood swings and calms down after short bursts of anger? Does this person practice any magical arts? Most people who actually are going to attack you magically aren’t going to give you the benefit of a verbal warning. Why would they want you to have a chance to prepare? Psychic attacks are most often hyperbole.

Unfortunately there can be a dangerous effect with such ploys. Sometimes the victim believes so strongly that an attack is going to take place that they actually create the attack themselves and suffer the consequences. Hypochondriacs constantly tell themselves that they are suffering ailments and seem to really feel the symptoms of their supposed illness. They believe that they are sick and so they allow themselves to feel sick. If someone expects voodoo doll induced pains to pierce their arms and legs, there is a good chance they will unwittingly provide the pains themselves.

Because of this, preparing a defense is recommended even if you suspect a bluff, if only for peace of mind. Start by increasing the frequency that you shield yourself. You may want to even shield twice a day, once during the day and once during the evening. Whatever amount makes you feel safe is fine.

Reversing a Spell

What if you want to do more than just being on the defensive? Why should someone be allowed to direct malicious energy at you while you stand by and commit your time and energy to holding these attacks off? If you want to do more than keep your aggressor at bay, there is one method of counter action that is generally considered fair play.

The Mirror Ball

This is a great technique that reflects whatever magic sent at you right back to the sender. This will be set up as a secondary shield that exists outside of your regular shields.

The visualization for this technique is fairly simple. After reaching your ready state, conjure in your mind the image of a great spherical mirror surrounding you. This perfectly ball shaped mirror will be outside of your primary wards, so make sure it’s big enough to compensate for this. If you want to have fun with this exercise, you can make the mirror ball appear like a giant disco ball. It’s sort of hard not to imagine it like that anyway. Hold this image in your mind and try to add extra detail by visualizing your surroundings reflected in the mirror’s surface.

The inclusion of a mantra adds extra dedication and power. Here’s an example of what your chant could be:

Of the mirror I am the master
Return the magic to the caster


My mirror is my defender
Send it back onto the sender

Asking Outside Sources for Protection

Religious Sources

Vishnu, Hindu god of protectionDepending on your religious outlook, asking an outside source in the form of a higher power to shield you may be an option. Classically when we think of religious protection our minds turn to prayer. Regardless of one’s faith, this is a valid form of gaining assistance from outside sources. Christians will most likely call on Jesus or God for assistance, while other religions might have more specific personas to select from depending on the situation. Catholics have a variety of saints to choose from and Pagans have a large number of gods and goddesses that each specialize in one or more art. Requesting protection from one of these sources is as simple as communing with the source in whatever manner suits you best. Prayer, trance states, meditation, and invocation seem to be the most common techniques. Call on your higher power and request their protection. This can be quite effective in a pinch, but you should always try to stand on your own two feet and try to provide your own protection first.

Other Magic Users

It is quite possible to have protection magic done for you by someone who is well versed in its art. If you do choose to go this route, you want to choose someone you know fairly well. In most situations a stranger won’t know you well enough to provide anything more than short term protection. They won’t share enough of a connection with you to keep you effectively in mind after you leave their presence, and they won’t have as much motivation to help you as a friend would. Trust is essential.

Also, you may only want to consider someone else shielding you as a temporary arrangement. One of the benefits of having your own shields is that they will be directly connected to your own energy source. It isn’t fair to expect someone to constantly contribute their power to protect you all the time. Create your own shields and seek outside help only when overwhelmed.

Protection from Illness

Here’s a funny little technique I’ve had great success with. I’m not skilled at magical healing, even though I’ve tried many times, but I did discover a way to help prevent myself from getting sick in the first place. Using the technique below, I’ve managed to avoid catching countless colds and the flu from ill people I’ve been in close contact with.

The idea is to create a shield so powerful that it defends against airborne illness. The shield should be super concentrated and intense, so it only focuses on the mouth and nose. Visualize a white mask that covers your face just as a surgical mask does. This mask should extend over your nose and dip down below your chin. I recommend using white energy for its symbolic purity. You should fill this mask with as much intense energy as you can muster up. The energy should be very concentrated, so strong and buzzing that you imaging it burning any germs that try to pass through it. Think of the mask as being formed of extremely bright energy that is invulnerable in its strength and ability to burn away impurity. This white fire is harmless to the flesh but deadly to any particles of germs. You may even visualize this high-frequency energy extending into your mouth to offer an extra amount of prevention.

This technique may require a large amount of energy, but it is better than the weakened state illness can imbue us with. I usually visualize this right before meeting with someone I know is ill and try to re-visualize it every two or three hours if I’m still around that person.

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