A different Beginner’s Course

A Beginner’s Course on Magick

by Phil Hansford

MAGICK 1 – Why Magick:
parapsychology and psychic phenomena
examples of ESP
examples of PK
the subconscious
why do magick?
magick vs. witchcraft, alchemy

MAGICK 2 – The Subjectivity of Experience:
the model
the true will
systems of magick

MAGICK 3 – The Four Worlds:
microcosm and macrocosm
magick white and black
the great work
your magical diary

MAGICK 4 – Elements and Forces:

MAGICK 5 – Chakras and Meditation:
the tattvas
health and diet

MAGICK 6 – Thoughtforms and Spirits:
developing clairvoyance
the aura
directed attention

MAGICK 7 – Basic Ritual:
creative visualization
basic parts of a ritual
the magick circle
artificial elementals

MAGICK 8 – Healing and Banishing:
absent healing
the banishing ritual
the planets

MAGICK 9 – Astral Projection:
forms of astral projection
states of consciousness
techniques of astral projection

MAGICK 10 – Cabala:
the four worlds
the sefirotic tree
the paths

MAGICK 11 – Psychic Energy:
planetary correspondences
willpower and magick


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Protecting Others Psychically

As you become more comfortable and skilled in protecting yourself, there will be times when you may want to shield another person or loved one. You can extend the protection skills you have honed for yourself to help others.


Many people feel that an essential first step in protecting someone is to first gain that person’s acquiescence. There is some wisdom to this. They may not actually need your help. If you see a loved one struggling though rough times they may need to experience these hardships in order to motivate themselves to find a solution. A person may also seem to be overwhelmed when in fact they feel they are handling the situation in the best way possible. Basically without directly asking the intended person if they need help, it is hard for us to make a fair judgment if any help should be given. So rule number one is to ask if your help is need before you provide it.

Ideally someone will ask you for help, thus bypassing this entire issue. Get as many details on what they need help with. Do they feel they are being psychically attacked? Are they seeking refuge from a situation that they actually need to face? Be as systematic and logical in assessing their needs as you would be with your own. If you don’t actually want to help this person then you probably shouldn’t attempt to shield them. Protection is so strongly based on will that a ward created grudgingly would be of little use.

Also, if the recipient of the shield practices magic themselves, you should ask if they’ve made any attempts on their own and if so of what sort. Discuss the nature of the shields they attempted to create, even if they felt it was completely ineffective. If the protection they tried to create was made to attack anyone back, was created during anger or frustration, or was anything more than a shell they wrapped around themselves, you will want them to first deconstruct those shields.

Preparing yourself is very important as well. Make sure you shield yourself well before doing magic for anyone else. If there are any unpredictable backlashes you will be glad you did. Build your energy levels up as much as you can. It will be more draining to create a shield for someone else. You should first shield yourself at least an hour ahead of time before you plan on doing magic for the other person. After you shield yourself you can ground and work on building up your energy levels.

When you’ve chosen a course of action and a method for shielding you next need to implement it. Find a quiet place to perform the magic where both of you won’t be disturbed. Ideally the intended subject will be in your immediate presence. The subject of the magic should be in a comfortable position so that they don’t need to move around much. They should occupy their mind as much as possible during the process. If they are capable of keeping their mind clear that is good. Otherwise you may have them visualize a place where they feel safe or a place the often like to visit. The reason for this is to keep their mental energies from interfering with your own. This also has a benefit for you as it can be hard to focus on the task at hand while someone is watching or scrutinizing you.

There is no set rule for the physical positioning between the caster and the recipient. Some people like to have their hands close to where they are making the shield, moving the hands up and down the body as it is created. Others are comfortable sitting away from the subject on a separate couch and passing the energy over the distance. Experiment and find what works best for you. When performing the actually shielding method you have chosen be sure that you are using your energy to wrap the recipient and not their own. A few of the protection techniques on this site involve charging ones chakras or psychic centers. You don’t want to visualize the chakras of the other person. It is your energy that you are using to protect them. Although most of the shield techniques given earlier can be used on another person, choose a means that does not directly involve the chakras at all. You can of course charge your own psychic centers beforehand to increase your energy level. Here is a fairly easy method you can use on another person.

The Blanket Technique

Visualize in the air between you a dot of pure blue light. Increase this light’s intensity until it burns very bright. Take this dot and trace with it a square twice as big as the person you are going to shield. This is the outline for the blanket we are creating and it must be big enough to wrap around the subject at the end. When you trace the outline of the blanket its lines should stay visible and shinning in your mind’s eye. Once the outline is complete, begin to pour energy into the square shape. Fill the square with as much energy as you can muster letting it fill the entirety of the shape and even become thick like a fluffy comforter. While you are filling the square with energy, be sure to acknowledge the protective powers you want to be inherent within. Think of the specific circumstance that they are seeking protection from and instill this energy with the power to resist and repel it. Once this blanket of energy it complete, move it to the subject and wrap it around them. It should reach completely around them, even covering the area above the head and below the feet. Allow it to become solid once all parts are covered. Hold this image in your minds eye for a good minute before letting it go.

You should put more energy into this other person’s shield than you would your own. Without being connected to any replenishing energy source, this shield isn’t going to last as long one of your own. You also want to make sure you clearly visualize any energy that is connecting between you completely dissipated. This is to ensure your energy is drained to support the shield.


The shield you create for another isn’t going to last as long as one created for yourself and if you intend for it to provide protection while under fire, you will have to recharge it at last once a week, perhaps even once a day. Before you attempt to recharge it, first try and sense what condition the shield is in. Is it still strong and holding up, is it rather weak, or has it collapsed completely? This way you can judge how much energy to use when you refresh it. If you feel the shield didn’t take or collapsed altogether, simply recreate the shield as you did the first time, but plan to check it and recharge in shorter invervals. If the shield is still holding up, recharging is very simple. Follow the short method below.

Recharge Ball Technique

Get into your ready state making sure to build your own energy levels up to a very high level. As with the initial creation of the shield, it is best to do this in person with the other individual in a very calm and relaxed state. Push your energy out in front of you and gather it into a ball. Charge the ball with as much energy as you feel the shield requires until you feel it is vibrant with light. Extend a thread from the ball to the shield of the other person. Mentally focus on the idea that the energy is going to pick up the same attributes that the shield energy already has. Poor this ball of energy slowly into their shield, visualizing it glowing more and more brightly as it is repowered until the ball is depleted completely.

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Psychic Protection: What to do during a psychic attack

If you feel you are under psychic attack, you first want to assess why. I have found that many people’s favorite form of attack is the psychological bluff. They will tell you that they are going to “get you”, “destroy you magically”, or “use their powers to make you pay.” I even have witnessed someone threatening to kill a group of people over the Internet. Needless to say, none of the intended victims actually died. If someone actually had such power they certainly wouldn’t feel so insecure that they need to harm people whose online opinions offend them. So first try to assess if your attacker is really a threat or not. If this is someone you know and have they made empty threats in the past? Is it someone who has mood swings and calms down after short bursts of anger? Does this person practice any magical arts? Most people who actually are going to attack you magically aren’t going to give you the benefit of a verbal warning. Why would they want you to have a chance to prepare? Psychic attacks are most often hyperbole.

Unfortunately there can be a dangerous effect with such ploys. Sometimes the victim believes so strongly that an attack is going to take place that they actually create the attack themselves and suffer the consequences. Hypochondriacs constantly tell themselves that they are suffering ailments and seem to really feel the symptoms of their supposed illness. They believe that they are sick and so they allow themselves to feel sick. If someone expects voodoo doll induced pains to pierce their arms and legs, there is a good chance they will unwittingly provide the pains themselves.

Because of this, preparing a defense is recommended even if you suspect a bluff, if only for peace of mind. Start by increasing the frequency that you shield yourself. You may want to even shield twice a day, once during the day and once during the evening. Whatever amount makes you feel safe is fine.

Reversing a Spell

What if you want to do more than just being on the defensive? Why should someone be allowed to direct malicious energy at you while you stand by and commit your time and energy to holding these attacks off? If you want to do more than keep your aggressor at bay, there is one method of counter action that is generally considered fair play.

The Mirror Ball

This is a great technique that reflects whatever magic sent at you right back to the sender. This will be set up as a secondary shield that exists outside of your regular shields.

The visualization for this technique is fairly simple. After reaching your ready state, conjure in your mind the image of a great spherical mirror surrounding you. This perfectly ball shaped mirror will be outside of your primary wards, so make sure it’s big enough to compensate for this. If you want to have fun with this exercise, you can make the mirror ball appear like a giant disco ball. It’s sort of hard not to imagine it like that anyway. Hold this image in your mind and try to add extra detail by visualizing your surroundings reflected in the mirror’s surface.

The inclusion of a mantra adds extra dedication and power. Here’s an example of what your chant could be:

Of the mirror I am the master
Return the magic to the caster


My mirror is my defender
Send it back onto the sender

Asking Outside Sources for Protection

Religious Sources

Vishnu, Hindu god of protectionDepending on your religious outlook, asking an outside source in the form of a higher power to shield you may be an option. Classically when we think of religious protection our minds turn to prayer. Regardless of one’s faith, this is a valid form of gaining assistance from outside sources. Christians will most likely call on Jesus or God for assistance, while other religions might have more specific personas to select from depending on the situation. Catholics have a variety of saints to choose from and Pagans have a large number of gods and goddesses that each specialize in one or more art. Requesting protection from one of these sources is as simple as communing with the source in whatever manner suits you best. Prayer, trance states, meditation, and invocation seem to be the most common techniques. Call on your higher power and request their protection. This can be quite effective in a pinch, but you should always try to stand on your own two feet and try to provide your own protection first.

Other Magic Users

It is quite possible to have protection magic done for you by someone who is well versed in its art. If you do choose to go this route, you want to choose someone you know fairly well. In most situations a stranger won’t know you well enough to provide anything more than short term protection. They won’t share enough of a connection with you to keep you effectively in mind after you leave their presence, and they won’t have as much motivation to help you as a friend would. Trust is essential.

Also, you may only want to consider someone else shielding you as a temporary arrangement. One of the benefits of having your own shields is that they will be directly connected to your own energy source. It isn’t fair to expect someone to constantly contribute their power to protect you all the time. Create your own shields and seek outside help only when overwhelmed.

Protection from Illness

Here’s a funny little technique I’ve had great success with. I’m not skilled at magical healing, even though I’ve tried many times, but I did discover a way to help prevent myself from getting sick in the first place. Using the technique below, I’ve managed to avoid catching countless colds and the flu from ill people I’ve been in close contact with.

The idea is to create a shield so powerful that it defends against airborne illness. The shield should be super concentrated and intense, so it only focuses on the mouth and nose. Visualize a white mask that covers your face just as a surgical mask does. This mask should extend over your nose and dip down below your chin. I recommend using white energy for its symbolic purity. You should fill this mask with as much intense energy as you can muster up. The energy should be very concentrated, so strong and buzzing that you imaging it burning any germs that try to pass through it. Think of the mask as being formed of extremely bright energy that is invulnerable in its strength and ability to burn away impurity. This white fire is harmless to the flesh but deadly to any particles of germs. You may even visualize this high-frequency energy extending into your mouth to offer an extra amount of prevention.

This technique may require a large amount of energy, but it is better than the weakened state illness can imbue us with. I usually visualize this right before meeting with someone I know is ill and try to re-visualize it every two or three hours if I’m still around that person.

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Basic Psychic Protection

Basic psychic protection acts as an energy that wraps around us. The purpose of this energy is ultimately to block out all intrusive or malicious vibrations (i.e. attack spells/enchantments) that come from other sources. As one begins to practice magic or any psychic art, their awareness of the world’s energies increases greatly. With this newfound sensitivity comes exposure to a new realm of distractions. Astral entities may be attracted to your increased energy or activities. Other practitioners may notice you as well. Not all of these personalities may wish you harm, but it is best to be prepared with psychic protection, just in case.


 Bubble Technique

The most basic technique for protecting oneself magically is to simply imagine yourself inside a ball of white light that turns away any energy before it can touch you. When you visualize this ball of light around you, you want to make sure it appears opaque and solid in your mind’s eye. This bubble should extend about a foot above your head and at least 6 inches below your feet. It doesn’t have to be a perfect sphere; just make it fit around your body in whatever shape seems most comfortable or appropriate. You want to enforce the energy in the areas above and below to be just as strong as the areas in front and behind you. Rest assured that even after you come out of your concentrated state, this bubble will move with you without hindrance. Any vibrations that touch it will simply pass over and around your shield like the wind moving around a mountain. In the rare circumstance that your shield comes up against someone else’s, it will bend to compensate, but not break, much like two balloons pressing together. You need to hold the image of an impenetrable force field in your mind for at least a good solid minute or two, before returning to your everyday life.


 Mummy Technique

The visualizing of specific shapes forming around your body piece by piece adds focus and resolve to your psychic protection, and this is the basis of the mummy technique. Begin by creating the image of a ball of white light glowing just above your head where the crown chakra or higher-self psychic center is located. Focus on the energy here, willing its intensity to increase. Visualize white light sweeping down from this powerful sphere in the shape of a wide ribbon that begins to wrap around your head. You may want to leave some space between the energy ribbons and your physical body, perhaps 3-4 inches. Have the ribbon continue to wrap around your head, overlapping itself and creating a solid sheet that surrounds your head in protective energy. Don’t stop at the head though. Let the ribbon continue to spin around your shoulders, torso, hips, legs all the way down to the feet, making sure to cover every spot so that you are entirely and safely wrapped. Once you’ve worked your way down to your feet, have it wrap underneath them, completing the blanket surrounding you. When you are completely wrapped, hold the image of what you just did in your mind for a few moments before opening your eyes. This exercise is a great way to improve your skills with energy manipulation while benefiting yourself.


 Burning Flame

The Burning Flame is best used in situations that may be dangerous or that you require a great amount of psychic protection over a short period of time. If you are entering a place/meeting/situation with a terrible amount of negativity you can perform this technique. Some people visualize their shields as a fire surrounding them at all times which is fine, although the method presented here is geared toward an emergency situation or on a temporary basis since it uses high amounts of energy.

Stand perfectly upright with your legs together and your arms flat against your side. Go deep inside yourself to the center of your being. Approach all of this with a confident intensity, your mind focused on your need for protection. Find your center and know that in your center is an intense source of energy, the very energy that all your magical abilities come from. With your consciousness in this core of your being, create an eruption of energy within yourself. Like a volcano building up pressure, cause your energy to rise and expand from your center out. As the energy reaches the outside of your body have it burst into a blue flame that surrounds your body. The curved base of the flame should be at your feet and the tip of the flame above your head. The intense energy flame will burn any outside vibrations before they can reach you. This flame won’t harm you physically since it’s a spiritual flame, but it will stop any other spirit or energy from touching you. Once the flames surround you, try to keep part of your mind focused on it as you proceed through the situation you felt required extra psychic protection. Imagine more energy fanning the flames stronger and higher as you exhale.

As with any of these techniques, practicing first in a safe place is highly recommended.


 Chakra Spin Protection

This powerful technique unites the chakras to create a shield fully embedded with all aspect of your will and energy. Begin by visualizing performing the Psychic Center Visualization as detailed in the Energy Techniques article. A quick rehash: Charge the crown chakra, and draw a line down to the 3rd eye chakra. Charge the 3rd eye before drawing a line to the throat. Charge and continue to the heart, charge this chakra and draw a line of white light to the solar plexus chakra. After charging the solar plexus you move to the sex chakra, charge it and then onto the root chakra. As mentioned before, this is an adaptation of the traditional chakra system to have a center between the two feet so draw one more line to the ground center and charge this area. Create two lines of light from this center that swoop to each side of you in an upward curve before connecting with the crown chakra above your head. Begin cycling your energy through the lines timed with your breathing.

Instead of stopping at this point, continue cycling but move your focus to the curved lines at your side. We want to move these two lines simultaneously clockwise so that they being to spin around the body. Let them put out energy as they continue to move faster and faster until their light forms a solid wall of energy that surrounds you. Spin this wall of energy around you for a few moments. When you feel ready, let the image of the chakras fade from your mind, and let the spinning motion end, but hold onto the image of all the energy the chakras surrounded you with.


How often and how long?

You should practice psychic protection techniques at least once a day until your body picks up the habit and begins to naturally reinforce your shields with energy. After a month or two you should be proficient enough that you only need to re-visualize your shields once a week. If you find yourself in a particularly nasty situation where you need an extra amount of protection, feel free to shield yourself again even if you had done so earlier in the day. As you become more comfortable and skilled at these techniques you will find it possible to reinforce your shield with little concentration and even while your body is in motion or otherwise distracted.


Colors in Protection

Everyone likes to add a little color to his or her magic. When you give your energy it’s own color, you are personalizing it and making it easier for you to relate to. Some people are very firm in the belief that white energy is the purest and therefore is most powerful. Generally white and blue are the most commonly used colors for psychic protection. There may be something to this, but it is always best to listen to your gut. If you feel an urge to have a green shield, then go with it. You can always experiment by changing your shield’s color every week. If you find one shade or tone to be more effective than others, then stick with it. There are some generally accepted associations with each color that I’ll post on the Temple of Manannan at a later date.

Complex combinations of color can be used to create very strong protection. For example you could make a shield that starts as red at the top of your head and then slowly graduates to orange, yellow, green, blue and then purple when it finally reached your feet. Visualizing such a shield takes strong focus, and holding it this image in your mind’s eye as the day goes by can be challenging. Since the appearance of this shield requires much more effort, it is more strongly empowered by your will. Unusual patterns in shields can also aid you in psychic self-defense. Integrating a religious design or an occult symbol that represents protection can add extra strength and power.

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Tarot -Major Arcana

The most powerful group in the Tarot deck are the 22 Major Arcana cards beginning with the Magician #1 and ending with the Fool #22. Traditionally, as well as on the card, the fool has been assigned the number “0”. However, I prefer to put it at the end of the list and call it “22” because of what the card represents, which will be explained in another article dedicated to the Fool card.

The reason Major Arcana cards are so powerful is because they predict major issues in life rather than everyday ups and downs, and as a result, they outweigh ALL the other cards in both impact and effect.

Major Arcana cards also indicate the most important positions in a card spread such as the Keltic Cross, Category,  or Zodiac Month by Month spreads.

The numbers on the Major Arcana represent Numerological influences which may or may not be addressed later on.wallpaper-tarot-9

Each deck is illustrated with symbols that depict experiences we’ve all had or could have at one time or another. Having said this you can see how some have gotten to the point of just looking at the imagery of a card and be able to identify it’s meaning. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than the imagery of a single card is worth a thousand pictures. Achieving this is done through meditation, learning and understanding the imagery of each of the 72 cards and of course practice, practice, practice.

No one is exactly sure how the Tarot cards came into being, but it is widely accepted that the ancient Egyptian Masons developed them as a means of charting their important metaphysical and transformational discoveries.

Think of them as stories conveyed in pictures. There are many different art styles for Tarot and all are equally valid to use. The cards are not “magical,” “occult,” or “evil.” They have no inherent powers of their own. Since Tarot decks and books are chosen because you identify with them or they strike a chord within you, you empower them with your beliefs, attitudes, and personality and by your level of growth or understanding at the time you choose them.

The cards of the Major Arcana are as follows.




Tarot Made Easy written by Nancy Garen

Cooking with Magic

Lately I’ve been working on bettering my husband’s and my diet. Making everything from scratch or as near to scratch as sanity would allow and only purchasing what we needed. Easy rules I’m following; if I can make it get the healthiest (not trendiest) ingredients, if I can buy it fresh get it fresh and preserve it at home, be mindful of where the food comes from. I also tend to add to my food storage as well. I admit I’m a mild prepper, but it’s saved my family, animals included, when we had major power outages during the winter storms in my area when snowed in for a few days and without power for nearly a week. I get box milk, tests the same if not better and lasts nearly a year, eggs 5 dozen at a time, and I get canned meat, fruits and veggies making sure they’re packed in water, juice or oil avoiding things like syrup and added sugar. I found avoiding non-fat and low-fat food items I’m not getting digestive issues or headaches. Too many additives trying to make fat-less food taste good and these in turn can make you sick. Beware dieters!!! We allow cookies and dark chocolate once in a while… I wouldn’t survive otherwise. ^_^

I’ve gotten off topic. We’re here to talk about magic and food. Two great, yet delicious subjects. *I’m torturing myself at the moment since I have brownies in the oven and it smells awesome while I’m typing this.* I know some of you crafty witchy folk out there are a little timid when it comes to casting spells and actually trying new ideas. You’re probably worried you’re going to mess it up or it’ll backfire and cause you problems.


Here’s my advice to you… Don’t be afraid of it. Big things like evocation, invocation or spirit crafting of some sort I agree takes a huge amount of respect for the entity you’re dealing with as well as knowledge. However, we’re not doing that. We’re doing simple you and the food magic. You don’t even need a spell book for this or special herbs or tools! Just you and whatever yummy dish you’re cooking up!

Firstly, we’ll answer some simple questions, no need for pen and paper. Just answer them to yourself. What do you need in this moment. Easiest way to do it is by non-materialistic needs. If you need money, car, tools or something like that you can do it here but would be more effective with additional workings to make it more potent and more chances for success.

For instance, today I was feeling numb and not energetic in the least, more lethargic than anything. So I decided to do some magical food to help lift my spirits and let me get back to work doing research and such for more material for both this blog and for my own book of shadows. I found that comfort food works best and whatever ingredients or additions that sound tasty to you. I decided on brownies, but this is magical and I wanted to punch it up a bit, even though it isn’t necessary for it to work.


As you start the cooking process each time you add something in imagine you’re fulfilling your initial goal of this dish. Doesn’t have to be a spell or even rhyme. Mine didn’t even make sense. The whole time I was mixing the dough I was grumbling about how I didn’t want to be sore, tired or melancholy anymore. I was starting to feel a little peppier when I got to pouring the mix into the pan and when I was striping the top with caramel and dark chocolate I was singing something I was making up as I went along. Go with the flow. Spirit wants to sing, sing. Easy!

I felt much better but not completely recovered. I remembered I had Himalayan Pink salt and sprinkled that over the top of my brownies for a salted caramel *drooling* twist to it. I popped it in the oven and have been bouncing ever since. The closer to being done, the more positive I’m feeling.


This is perhaps one of the easiest spells I’ve ever worked that has had such great results. For many years now I’ve done this and without a doubt it’s worked every time… except that time I dropped my pan of cinnamon rolls on the floor when I was putting them in the oven. That was unfortunate, but I recovered them by unfolding each one and rolling a strip of bacon into it. That was delicious. It pretty much turned into a batched working and was recovered, and very om nom nom I might add.

This magical workings doesn’t depend on the tools or ingredients, but yourself and the intent you’re putting out there. You can look at it as a form of active meditation designed to alter your state to a more positive one. Be safe in all your workings and I hope you enjoy this finger licking good article!!

In case you were curious, here’s the recipe I used:

Best Gooey Salted Caramel Brownies EVER!

I would like to add a cooking tip that’s not mentioned in the recipe. If you use cold heavy cream when adding it to your mix it will mix more evenly and quicker without cooking to the bottom and becoming lumpy. Works for rue sauces, too. Just a thought. Enjoy!

Magic and the Bible

I was approached on the subject of Curanderismo (and any kind of magical art) being “against the teaching of the Bible and against God’s word”. The person that approached me attested that God said to stay away from this sort of divination (“card reading”) in the following verses…Deuteronomy 18:10-12 New International Version (NIV)10 Let no…

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