Japanese Shamanism

Shinto Introduction Shinto does not have a founder nor does it have sacred scriptures like the sutras or the Bible. Propaganda and preaching are not common either, because Shinto is deeply rooted in the Japanese people and traditions. "Shinto gods" are called kami. They are sacred spirits which take the form of things and concepts important … Continue reading Japanese Shamanism

Exorcism and Aftercare (Banishing, Exorcism, and Possession, Part 6)

Aug 17, 2017   Now that you’ve assessed the situation, and there is no real progress – even with the host wholeheartedly changing habits – then it’s time to do an exorcism. By now the entity should be somewhat weakened through the efforts of the host to cut off its feeding source. This article will … Continue reading Exorcism and Aftercare (Banishing, Exorcism, and Possession, Part 6)

Non-Ritualistic Possession (Banishing, Exorcism and Possession Part 4)

 Original Article by Arachniastoneskull The last article focused on possessions that could be invoked or obtained through ritual. This article will focus on common possessions — possessions that happen through non-ritualistic events. It is to be noted most possessions and obsessions are not picked up from ritual, but circumstantial situations. Most people carry a feeder … Continue reading Non-Ritualistic Possession (Banishing, Exorcism and Possession Part 4)

How to Diagnose a Psychic Attack

Diagnosing a Psychic Attack What if someone comes to you claiming that they are being attacked psychically, but you suspect otherwise? There may be times when someone suspects they are under a psychic attack, when in reality they are suffering from a medical condition. They might have picked up a virus by natural means, or … Continue reading How to Diagnose a Psychic Attack

The Jinn – Islamic Demons and Spirits

This is a great article done by Metal-Gaia. She's got more awesome goodies for you, and not just mysticism. Follow her and please leave any comments and likes on her original article linked at the bottom of the page. She did all the work and deserves all the praise! Original post May 31, 2017 are … Continue reading The Jinn – Islamic Demons and Spirits

What is Possession? (Banishing, Exorcism, and Possession; Part 2) — Arachnia’s Web

Possession is a hot topic in the occult community these days. From Voudoun Lwa (Voodoo Loa) possession to summoning the Goetia through invocation, possessions are gaining popularity as a form of spirit communication. However, some possessions and obsessions are uninvited, or they cannot be banished. The saying, “Do not raise any more demons than you … Continue reading What is Possession? (Banishing, Exorcism, and Possession; Part 2) — Arachnia’s Web

Strengthen Your Inner Magick Chant

Note: This is originally from the Left-hand Path, but this chant works for all path workings and does NOT affect your inner light/dark. It simply just raises power and works those magickal muscles. Remember that magick is neither light nor dark, but rather the witch themself that define it. Your inner magick, inner black flame, … Continue reading Strengthen Your Inner Magick Chant

Ammit, “Devourer of the Dead”

Ammit or Ammut, meaning “Devourer of the Dead” or just “devourer”, was a Goddess (for some), and/or an helper in the Duat, for others, as I mentioned. Whether you see it as a Goddess or as a helper in the Duat, or as both, this is for YOU. Ammit is the personification of the divine … Continue reading Ammit, “Devourer of the Dead”

The Importance of Closing the Gates

What Happens When You Leave A Magical Portal Open? February 19, 2017 by John Beckett As a baby Pagan, I was taught to always dismiss what you call and to take down your circles after the ritual is over. When I began working with the ADF Core Order of Ritual, I learned that you open … Continue reading The Importance of Closing the Gates

Lesson 8 – Colors

Why Are Colors Important? Every color possesses its own symbolism. Colors play an important psycho-physiological role in our daytime lives – they give depth and meaning to our dreams. Color is simply a form of visible light, of electromagnetic energy – each color has its own vibration, and these can be utilized in magic in … Continue reading Lesson 8 – Colors