Addressing Mental Illness

Sitting here sipping on my favorite Jasmine tea with a touch of honey out of the coolest Batman mug; I started thinking that I should address the ever-growing issue of mental health and the occult. There are a couple of reasons for this; one, I, personally, have my own share of mental disorders that make everyday … Continue reading Addressing Mental Illness

Working with a ‘hands on’ Spirit

I have been getting urges to work more with the spirits directly and have been doing so. All the while I've been working in a stand-alone book dedicated to just spirits, angels, demons, Gods, Goddesses, Elementals and more. I've been working closely with ancient pagan deities that were twisted and bastardized by the Christian, Islamic, … Continue reading Working with a ‘hands on’ Spirit


Am super excited this weekend! I have been pulling out all my art supplies and photo albums while unpacking my storage shed last weekend. Now I have this wonderful opportunity to paint!!! Haven't really had a chance to do create something for so long, especially with long working hours during the week and cleaning up … Continue reading Messes

Valerian Root

I'm so excited that I finally got my hands on some Valerian root extract, after looking for months. Finally cornered some in the organic aisle at Fredmyers, and was wishing I had a few more dollars for the other extracts they had.  Am very much so looking forward to getting some restfull sleep.  have already been … Continue reading Valerian Root

Do Dieties exhist?

I had recieved an email from one of my yahoo group members that I had been asking when I too first started to practice. Feeling that this would help those of you reading my blog answer some of these questions if not get you to ponder it yourself. It read: MM everybody!  I have a … Continue reading Do Dieties exhist?

Gifts from the Goddess

For almost a week I had been experiencing dreams and daydreams of divination. Now I'm not big on divination and haven't really had much interest in it. Previously, some years ago, I had a beautiful dragon tarot deck, but I had to pass it on when it reached out to one of my friends. He … Continue reading Gifts from the Goddess