New to The Craft?

Are you looking for something to fulfill your spiritual needs aside from religion? Are you looking to expand your esoteric knowledge? Are you wanting to get in touch with your inner selves and other spiritual entities? Are you wanting to have a spiritual connection with nature and all her aspects? If you answered yes to any of these then you may have thought about witchcraft in some capacity.

The first thing, in my opinion and experience, is to find your niche. We need to find which path you feel most comfortable with. The best way to do that is to learn and read up on any and all sorts of different paths that catch your eye. Which you feel most comfortable for you or even calls to you is a good fit. Keep in mind that this may continue to evolve over time as it has for myself and so many others.

Once you find your chosen system you can also go through and see which tools you want to use and what works best for you. In my practice I will still use traditional tools like the athame (ritual knife), cauldron, bells, wand, and more, but mostly I found that doing more constructive type of casting like those found in Voudon or classic celtic traditions. What I mean is that I make poppets (dolls), wreaths, charms, jewelry, books, bossoms (brooms) and basically anything else I can. The other thing I often do is to use food and herbs. I cook my magick into meals and treats, make medicines and potions. There are so many things you can do and it’s all available to you.

How would you like to practice? Do you have a talent not magically inclined? Are you an artist, crafty person,  carpenter, computer savvy, mechanic, cook, writer or any one of a million different things? You can incorporate your talents/skills with your conjuring/casting. Do you have dreams that seem to come true or have a strong sense of dejavu regularly? You may be most successful with astral works and divination.

Once you have found your system or systems, if you, like many others, have chosen to be eclectic and use multiple systems, you can begin diving in! This is where the fun really starts picking up speed! Now we know what your starting path is so let’s see if you want to use a set of gods, goddesses, elementals, or spirits. Did you want to work with one specific one or many? Most use more than one, but have one or two patrons that we tend to favor. Often times you may feel drawn towards specific ones, but may not like them. This is often recognized as that entity choosing you and calling out. Finding myths, legends and origin stories are a great way to learn about your power beings you’re working with.

Note: just because you’re working with an entity doesn’t mean you are worshiping that being. In the most basic of ways to explain it is imagine you take your car in for an oil change. You give the mechanic (your entity you’re working with) specific instructions and giving them your intent of getting the oil change (the spell or ritual) and you wait patiently as they go to work for you trusting they are performing the request fully and correctly. Then they will ask for payment either before or after the work (a small task, offering or sacrifice). Not all witches/practitioners follow a religion or worship any deities. That’s a choice and one you can chose to or not follow.  

Some have the misconception that we are all tree hugging hippies. My chosen systems aren’t so, but I am still concerned about nature and the state our environments are in. There are a growing number of technomancers out there who work magick with technology. This isn’t wrong nor ineffective. Magick is an awesome thing and is only bound by the limit of your imagination and understanding.



…In Progress….

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