Working with a ‘hands on’ Spirit

I have been getting urges to work more with the spirits directly and have been doing so. All the while I’ve been working in a stand-alone book dedicated to just spirits, angels, demons, Gods, Goddesses, Elementals and more. I’ve been working closely with ancient pagan deities that were twisted and bastardized by the Christian, Islamic, and other doctrine oriented thought systems that came through the lands to suit their paradigm.

What I mean by a ‘hands-on’ spirit is that when I get distracted by something when working or happen to wander off topic when studying; the spirit will physically manifest to essentially snap me out of my day dream, but in a nice way. For example, I was studying just now and recording information in my spirit book when I had a “oh, shiny!” moment. When I wasn’t going back to the task at hand they shoved a candle, not lit, off the shelf. It was sturdy, heavy, nothing could have possibly moved it without actively and physically trying to knock it over.

It did startle me, but I instantly knew what was going on. Putting the candle back and getting back on task I knew that was what provoked them to act was the approval pat on my head when I started working again. The pat on the head is a signal that works for me to let me know that they are pleased with me. Some spirits or even practitioners respond better to a variety of different signals. Mine happens to be touch and images.


Not sure of the artist. If you know who it is let me know so I can give them credit here. Found image on Google image search.

I’m not going to divulge which spirits I am currently working with due to their request of not sharing that information at this time. However, I did not have to do any major rituals or elaborate invocation/evocation to get in touch with them. It is my personal belief, and from years of experience, that talking with the entity you wish to contact and simply ask to have a relationship with them.

I found out the hard way that if you contact a spirit and ask for a relationship with them of any kind with any agenda on your behalf there’s a good chance that they may get offended and ignore or even mess with you. I have learned to seek a friendship with them in all honesty for the sake of wanting to know them more on a personal level rather than a research subject or a djinn in a lamp waiting to give wishes. If they accept the friendship we would then work together just feeling one another out and when they decide they would like to work with you, then and only then they would decide to work with you on a more professional level.

Some beings are more receptive to this kind of approach than others. So, my rule of thumb is to get to know the spirit from general knowledge from reputable sources and many of them. That way you’ll have some kind of an idea of the potential nature of the entity you are seeking out. Often times if the spirit wants to get into contact with you, you may begin to see the spirit’s image and name pop up all over the place. They may even flat out tell you. I’ve had them party crash study time to get my attention and want to reach out to me. That’s happened more than once and they turned out to be just what I needed before I even realized I needed their help.

It doesn’t work like this for everyone. I happen to do 75% of my castings without standard “witch staples” such as prepared spells, tools, ingredients, symbols like circles and the like. This works for me and how I operate, and how I learned to do. Though I still do use my tools and all that stuff when I feel I need to put some extra “umph” into my intention.

I just banged my funny bone on the corner of my desk, which is hard to do. Guess I shouldn’t have played around on YouTube. Some background… I have ADD and that means I’m easily distracted. This is what I get for asking to help keep me focused and to be a student of those helping me. I  One word of advice…. be careful what you wish for. Nothing is ever completely as it seems. I’m not regretting it and have learned time and time again to never regret any decision since the act of making that choice is a pure affirmation of our free will.


Keep in mind that this kind of work is not for the light of heart, nor the novice. I’m not saying this as an insult to you, but from experience of jumping into spirit work without preparation. I paid the price of my ignorance. I was punished by the entity I was trying to work with since I had unknowingly insulted him and then proceeded offend him at every turn. After taking my punishment I licked my wounds. Now wiser, I approached him with more respect and greater knowledge of how to conduct myself. He is now one of my spiritual mentors.

This article started as what seemed like a simple heads up of a spiritual mentor that interacts with you on multiple levels. While writing this I was concerned about giving the wrong impression on some of the more beginner level readers out there. Feeling it was important to give some warning of making my own mistakes and, hopefully, pass on this wise advice so they don’t have to go through the torturous punishments I had to endure.

To me there are no coincidences, learning more that karma is a self created phenomenon, and that everything happens for a reason that we may not always understand at that moment.  I’m going to leave it at this and revisit this in another article with more information.

Be safe, be happy, and blessed be!








Am super excited this weekend! I have been pulling out all my art supplies and photo albums while unpacking my storage shed last weekend. Now I have this wonderful opportunity to paint!!! Haven’t really had a chance to do create something for so long, especially with long working hours during the week and cleaning up after ex-roommates.

The time has come to make a new pretty!! YAY! ^_^ With my trusty mutt at my side, and as possible subject, we’ll create something awesome! Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Yes, Merlyn did look like this when he was a few weeks old.


Am also in the process of setting up a facebook account for Lovegodbob. Another adventure awaits! Hope you’re all enjoying the catch up work I’ve been posting!

Have no Fear I am Here!

Jennifer Evans from Omnia

Jennifer Evans from Omnia

It’s been quite some time since my last posting. Have been on a roller-coaster of events, but I have returned. I am looking forward to adding a few new articles I’ve been wanting to share with you all. Some by request of my followers with very good ideas I thought more of you out there may be asking the same questions.

If anyone else has some suggestions or questions they’d like to ask me, please feel free to drop me an email. I’m always happy to hear from you!

Oastara is upon us!!

It is spring yet again!! Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Why not take advantage of this time to do a bit of Spring magic? Celebrate the return of life and the warming of the earth. I’ll be doing a spring inspired feast after a day of planting seedlings and a hike. There are so many different ways to enjoy the equinox.

Paying homage to the spirits and deities of the earth with herbs and flowers I’ll be planting for future use in other celebrations and rituals. ^_^ Only fitting that the moon is waxing, thus making any renewal magic more potent. Blessings to all and enjoy your holiday!

21 Day Program Cleanse

Merry Dooms Day everybody!

Lately I have been working on putting together some material for you guys on focusing on deprogramming yourself from organized religion. I found so much wonderful resources and methods. I’m still going to continue on pulling together the information I feel would be beneficial.

Today when working on my Twitter account I felt drawn to a wonderful gal @abroomandthemoon . Following this feeling it led me to her youtube channel, ABroomAndTheMoon and a program she had put together. She had started this in inspiration to the whole 12/21/2012. I greatly enjoyed this program so far and decided to pass it along to you.

Published on Dec 1, 2012

Welcome to the 21 Day Program Cleanse! This is day one and we are talking about your self demeanor and your vitality. Break free from your old programming! Release what no longer serves you and your highest self! Reach towards higher awareness on a daily basis and you will see huge shifts being made in your life! Sending out tons of love and light to all of you this holiday season! Healing energy sent to all who are consciously working on releasing their negative programming!

♠ I’ve Returned ♠

I have returned, yes. ^_^ So relieved to finally get back to posting again. Oh one can never know how much that they rely and love their resources and communication devices, till they’re without for a span of time. Last Friday I had my new landline and DSL hooked up. Oh what a relief it was to sit down and clean out my inboxes. Am dancing for joy! So much effort went into moving and the drama and trying to get established and blahdy blahdy blah. But I have finally returned and am eager to get posts up and going again ^_^ and without the restrictions of my last living situations I should be able to get better and more info up.  So looking forward to it 😀