Pagan Journaling Challenge Day 1

I know this is late, but I'll get all 30 questions answered. ^_^ Don't worry I'll catch up! How do I see myself as a pagan? This question is a tricky one to answer as the meaning of pagan is basically any unorganized religion that is earth based. I have been a pagan since I … Continue reading Pagan Journaling Challenge Day 1


Working with a ‘hands on’ Spirit

I have been getting urges to work more with the spirits directly and have been doing so. All the while I've been working in a stand-alone book dedicated to just spirits, angels, demons, Gods, Goddesses, Elementals and more. I've been working closely with ancient pagan deities that were twisted and bastardized by the Christian, Islamic, … Continue reading Working with a ‘hands on’ Spirit


Am super excited this weekend! I have been pulling out all my art supplies and photo albums while unpacking my storage shed last weekend. Now I have this wonderful opportunity to paint!!! Haven't really had a chance to do create something for so long, especially with long working hours during the week and cleaning up … Continue reading Messes

Oastara is upon us!!

It is spring yet again!! Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Why not take advantage of this time to do a bit of Spring magic? Celebrate the return of life and the warming of the earth. I'll be doing a spring inspired feast after a day of planting seedlings and a hike. There are … Continue reading Oastara is upon us!!

21 Day Program Cleanse

Merry Dooms Day everybody! Lately I have been working on putting together some material for you guys on focusing on deprogramming yourself from organized religion. I found so much wonderful resources and methods. I'm still going to continue on pulling together the information I feel would be beneficial. Today when working on my Twitter account … Continue reading 21 Day Program Cleanse