About me

Greetings and Salutations!!

Here I’m suppose to tell you a little about myself. Well in my opinion there’s not much to tell, but I will tell you a bit on how I got started on my path.

For as long as I can remember I had always done little things like openly ask objects to cooperate with me or to give me an idea how to use them. I’d sit by animals, plants, even streams and carry on a conversation with them and they’d respond back to me! I was even communicating with other critters and people that other’s couldn’t see and said didn’t exist. I even had what most adults would call an imaginary friend, but he wasn’t and still isn’t imaginary but far from it.

My first memory was actually of this friend. He would play with me and has on numerous occasions even saved my life. This was my teacher. He taught me how to talk to nature, to trust my instincts and first thoughts and impressions. I’m an artist too, and when drawing or coloring he’d show me different symbols and the meanings of colors.

Over the years I drew many pictures of him, and they always came out looking like a soft hearted gargoyle type, but others came out fierce and terrifying. He still teaches me to this day, but when I was young I had no idea that what I was doing and what came naturally was witchcraft.

My family is what you might recognize as “bible thumpers”, and had raised me to be also. I had learned what they asked, but never felt comfortable in it. Now I know why. It just wasn’t meant for me. When I turned 9, my grandmother passed away. Against my mother’s wishes I went to see her body in the casket. It just plainly didn’t bother me, and all the things about how death is scary and all that melted away. I no longer fear death, but rather understand it.

Shortly after I was getting visits from dear departed granny and we’d talk as we always have. My mother found out and swore up and down I was possessed and insisted that the church perform their own version of an exorcism on me. That was fun *sarcasm*. After that eye opener of their close-mindedness I began searching for others like me.

It didn’t take long to find others. I began asking questions and swapping stories. We became fast friends, and we learned so much from each other. I knew my family wouldn’t approve, and to this day they still look down upon anything that isn’t christian. I hold nothing against christians nor their beliefs.

Through many experiences, situations, and far too many lessons learned the hard way HERE I AM! The black sheep of the family.  I’m online, sharing, learning, and helping others. ^_^

Blessings Be Upon You,



6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Bob,

    I trust that Divine synchronicity has led me to your blog, to include your blog title which is very similar to something I won’t share publicly.

    I had an urge (Heart’s inner-guidance) to check out your About page, and I respect and admire your inner-strength, fiery courage, transparent honesty, and free-spirited nature.

    I especially respect your statement, “I knew my family wouldn’t approve, and to this day they still look down upon anything that isn’t christian. I hold nothing against christians nor their beliefs.”

    It takes a strong soul to be that BOLD, yet, unconditionally loving (to self and others).

    Continue shining, radiating, blazing, igniting, and sharing the invaluable gift that is YOU to self/Self, HUmanity, Mother Earth/Gaia, merging worlds, and beyond. 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤ Barbara

  2. I comment when I appreciate a article on a blog or I have something to add to the conversation. It’s a result of the sincerness displayed in the article I browsed. And after this article About me | lovegodbob. I was moved enough to drop a thought 😛 I do have a couple of questions for you if you tend not to mind. Could it be just me or do a few of the responses come across like they are left by brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are posting at other social sites, I’d like to keep up with you. Could you make a list every one of your social sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

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