Daily Phobia #301

Metallophobia- Fear of metal.


Celtic Fairy Tales #19

Fair, Brown, and Trembling KING HUGH CURUCHA lived in Tir Conal, and he had three daughters, whose names were Fair, Brown, and Trembling. Fair and Brown had new dresses, and went to church every Sundav. Trembling was kept at home to do the cooking and work. They would not let her go out of the … Continue reading Celtic Fairy Tales #19

Celtic Fairy Tales #18

A Legend of Knockmany WHAT Irish man, woman, or child has not heard of our renowned Hibernian Hercules, the great and glorious Fin M'Coul? Not one, from Cape Clear to the Giant's Causeway, nor from that back again to Cape Clear. And, by-the-way, speaking of the Giant's Causeway brings me at once to the beginning … Continue reading Celtic Fairy Tales #18