9 Steps to Becoming a Witch

Let’s Talk Witch – Nine Steps To Becoming A Witch STEP ONE – discovering your path Read and study. Read everything you can get your hands on. You need to read anything that will tell you more about the beliefs of witchcraft, magazines, books and web pages. While studying there are other forms of the craft … Continue reading 9 Steps to Becoming a Witch


A different Beginner’s Course

A Beginner's Course on Magick by Phil Hansford MAGICK 1 - Why Magick: parapsychology and psychic phenomena examples of ESP examples of PK the subconscious why do magick? magick vs. witchcraft, alchemy MAGICK 2 - The Subjectivity of Experience: the model the true will systems of magick MAGICK 3 - The Four Worlds: microcosm and … Continue reading A different Beginner’s Course