A different Beginner’s Course

A Beginner's Course on Magick by Phil Hansford MAGICK 1 - Why Magick: parapsychology and psychic phenomena examples of ESP examples of PK the subconscious why do magick? magick vs. witchcraft, alchemy MAGICK 2 - The Subjectivity of Experience: the model the true will systems of magick MAGICK 3 - The Four Worlds: microcosm and … Continue reading A different Beginner’s Course


Lesson 10 – Goals

13 Goals of a Witch Know Yourself Know your Craft Learn Apply knowledge with wisdom Achieve balance Keep your words in good order Keep your thoughts in good order Celebrate life Attune with the cycles of the Earth Breath and eat correctly Exercise the body Meditate Honor your Gods and Ancestors Setting Your Own Goals … Continue reading Lesson 10 – Goals