The Runes

ABOUT THE RUNES The runes were created in northern Europe around the 4th century AD and are still just as popular today. The story told is that the Norse God Odin speared his body to a tree to gain a greater understanding of the symbols he then passed on his knowledge to the Vikings and … Continue reading The Runes

Beginner to Advanced Techniques for speaking with Deities

God Talk Speaking with the Gods When I was just a kid, I remember my Grandma keeping various candles about the house that she used for different purposes. One was in the shape of a five-pointed star and was green. This was her money candle. These early memories must have influenced me because I've always … Continue reading Beginner to Advanced Techniques for speaking with Deities

Tarot- The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards are divided into 4 suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each of the suits contains numbered cards from Ace to 10, followed by 4 court cards, very much like a regular playing card deck. The Court cards of all suits together are known as the Court Arcana. The cards of the … Continue reading Tarot- The Minor Arcana

Tarot -Major Arcana

The most powerful group in the Tarot deck are the 22 Major Arcana cards beginning with the Magician #1 and ending with the Fool #22. Traditionally, as well as on the card, the fool has been assigned the number "0". However, I prefer to put it at the end of the list and call it … Continue reading Tarot -Major Arcana

Crystals Lesson

Lesson 6 – Crystals Crystals have long been used in magic for their vibrations and healing properties. They are still used widely today for these and other reasons, including modern technology e.g. Computers (silicon chips), Watches, Radios etc. Cleansing a Crystal Crystals should always be cleansed when just purchased or if they have just been … Continue reading Crystals Lesson

Gifts from the Goddess

For almost a week I had been experiencing dreams and daydreams of divination. Now I'm not big on divination and haven't really had much interest in it. Previously, some years ago, I had a beautiful dragon tarot deck, but I had to pass it on when it reached out to one of my friends. He … Continue reading Gifts from the Goddess