Ammit, “Devourer of the Dead”

Ammit or Ammut, meaning “Devourer of the Dead” or just “devourer”, was a Goddess (for some), and/or an helper in the Duat, for others, as I mentioned. Whether you see it as a Goddess or as a helper in the Duat, or as both, this is for YOU. Ammit is the personification of the divine … Continue reading Ammit, “Devourer of the Dead”

I DON’T SPEAK HUMAN! This song brought tears to my eyes as I know and feel their pain each and every day. I understand them far better than I ever would my own species. Singing along with it only helped that side of me to come out in full force. I hope you guys enjoy it as much … Continue reading I DON’T SPEAK HUMAN!