February Full Moon Names

February full moon names

Tools of the Craft

Lesson 2 – Tools of the Craft Part One This is an introduction to the symbolism of magical tools and how they are used. Please note that ideas may vary depending on tradition, this article is intended as a guide only. The Pentacle The Pentacle is a flat board or circle that is usually inscribed … Continue reading Tools of the Craft

The Mojo Bag a Powerful Spiritual Ally

The Mojo Bag - Powerful Spiritual Ally! Mojo bags are a potent form of folk magic that can be carried on your person in a pocket, bra, purse, briefcase, or anywhere else... bringing the magic with you everywhere you go! They are discreet and extremely effective, which is why they have become such a fabled … Continue reading The Mojo Bag a Powerful Spiritual Ally


Aeracura, Aericura, Heracura. Name for a Celto-Germanic goddess seen as a cult partner of Dis Pater in a stone statue found at Oberseeback, Switzerland. Aeracura may have been an earth goddess displaced by Dis Pater. Hername may be related to Hecate, the Greek goddess of the underworld. A male couterpart, Aericurus, is recorded in Northumberland. … Continue reading Aeracura

The Wyld Hunt

Beautifully done and makes me yern for summer to come so I too can join in the hunt and run amonst the trees of the wood.

Bad days into Good days

  This was a most useful talk and helped me out so much. I hope it can help you too in turning bad days into good days and over all just feeling good. The link to TiptoeChick's website is in the list of links down below the Green eyed Owl.

dead hummingbird

(not my actual skull) Today when watering my flowers I came across a mostly decomposed humming bird laying in my may-apple's pot. All the bones were crushed but the skull. I carefully removed the head of it and buried the body saying a prayer for it's spirit and placed some flowers over it's little grave. … Continue reading dead hummingbird

Witch’s Pyramid

The witch's pyramid is also known as the Four Powers of the Magus or the Four Secrets of the Sphinx, whose energy is the four pillars of all practical magic. The 5 points of the pyramid (which is the pentacle) are the foundation of everything magical a witch does, from communicating with Higher Self to … Continue reading Witch’s Pyramid

Cry for help

Since coming into this home with my boyfriend I've been under spiritual attack, non-stop. My shields have been taken down and my supplies to make charms and talismans are either misplaced due to the move and countless attempts to clean the house on my boyfriend's part or have been tainted. Our physical health has deteriorated … Continue reading Cry for help