Druidry for Beginners – The Ritual of the Wild

Date: September 1, 2015 By: Damh the Bard  So hopefully you have been practicing the senses meditations offered in the first post, and you also now have a space in your home dedicated to your practice. What next? It seems to me that a rite of dedication is still an important thing. When I first … Continue reading Druidry for Beginners – The Ritual of the Wild

Evocations 1 – Classical Methods Explained

"Not all evocations are how the media and movies portray them. They are not to be feared as long as they are performed correctly and the warnings are heeded. In fact, the rituals themselves, and the appearance of the spirit conjured can be very beautiful. Also, I would not advise a novice practitioner to perform this complex of a ritual … Continue reading Evocations 1 – Classical Methods Explained