"The Universe is Mental--held in the Mind of THE     ALL."--The Kybalion. THE ALL is SPIRIT! But what is Spirit? This question cannot be answered, for the reason that its definition is practically that of THE ALL, which cannot be explained or defined. Spirit is simply a name that men give to the highest conception of … Continue reading THE MENTAL UNIVERSE



 "Under, and back of, the Universe of Time, Space and Change,     is ever to be found The Substantial Reality--the Fundamental     Truth."--The Kybalion. "Substance" means: "that which underlies all outward manifestations; the essence; the essential reality; the thing in itself," etc. "Substantial" means: "actually existing; being the essential element; being real," etc. "Reality" means: "the state … Continue reading THE ALL

The Importance of Closing the Gates

What Happens When You Leave A Magical Portal Open? February 19, 2017 by John Beckett As a baby Pagan, I was taught to always dismiss what you call and to take down your circles after the ritual is over. When I began working with the ADF Core Order of Ritual, I learned that you open … Continue reading The Importance of Closing the Gates

Druidry for Beginners – The Ritual of the Wild

Date: September 1, 2015 By: Damh the Bard  So hopefully you have been practicing the senses meditations offered in the first post, and you also now have a space in your home dedicated to your practice. What next? It seems to me that a rite of dedication is still an important thing. When I first … Continue reading Druidry for Beginners – The Ritual of the Wild

April 11th holiday

APRIL 11th On this day each year, cross inscribed loaves of bread are traditionally baked in honor of the Roman Goddess Diana. In Greece, branches of evergreen, myrtle or bay were worn by children on this day for protection against the venomous evil eye. In Armenia, the Goddess Anahit, is honored annually on this day … Continue reading April 11th holiday