Daily Phobia #307

Microphobia- Fear of small things.


Celtic Fairy Tales #25

Brewery of Eggshells IN Treneglwys there is a certain shepherd's cot known by the name of Twt y Cymrws because of the strange strife that occurred there. There once lived there a man and his wife, and they had twins whom the woman nursed tenderly. One day she was called away to the house of … Continue reading Celtic Fairy Tales #25

Celtic Fairy Tales #23

Andrew Coffey MY grandfather, Andrew Coffey, was known to the whole barony as a quiet, decent man. And if the whole barony knew him, he knew the whole barony, every inch, hill and dale, bog and pasture, field and covert. Fancy his surprise one evening, when he found himself in a part of the demesne … Continue reading Celtic Fairy Tales #23