Solitary Magic: A Simple Lammas Ritual

BY JEN MCCONNEL Although I love gathering with a local circle to celebrate the turning of the wheel, more and more I find myself returning to my solitary roots. It’s easier to schedule rituals for a party of one, but it’s also harder to cultivate accountability when no one is waiting on you for a ritual. … Continue reading Solitary Magic: A Simple Lammas Ritual

Exercise For Gaining Mastery of Yourself

Middle Pillar Exercise A very powerful and effective daily ritual/exercise for activating the five psychic centers of the Middle Pillar in the body. In ways, it resembles the arousing of chakras but follows the Kabbalistic pattern, and the concept of Light descending and then circulating. Each center is visualized as a sphere of colored light … Continue reading Exercise For Gaining Mastery of Yourself

How to Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in 4 Parts

It's not required to do anything you don't want to do, but knowing this ritual, as well as the middle pillar ritual are some really good ones. This is a simplistic description/walk-through with lots of visuals to make this ritual not seem so daunting. Don't worry about it using Christian divine names and references since it's … Continue reading How to Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in 4 Parts

Strengthen Your Inner Magick Chant

Note: This is originally from the Left-hand Path, but this chant works for all path workings and does NOT affect your inner light/dark. It simply just raises power and works those magickal muscles. Remember that magick is neither light nor dark, but rather the witch themself that define it. Your inner magick, inner black flame, … Continue reading Strengthen Your Inner Magick Chant

Cooking with Magic

Lately I've been working on bettering my husband's and my diet. Making everything from scratch or as near to scratch as sanity would allow and only purchasing what we needed. Easy rules I'm following; if I can make it get the healthiest (not trendiest) ingredients, if I can buy it fresh get it fresh and … Continue reading Cooking with Magic

Crystals Lesson

Lesson 6 – Crystals Crystals have long been used in magic for their vibrations and healing properties. They are still used widely today for these and other reasons, including modern technology e.g. Computers (silicon chips), Watches, Radios etc. Cleansing a Crystal Crystals should always be cleansed when just purchased or if they have just been … Continue reading Crystals Lesson

Magical Herbs

Lesson 5 – Magical Herbs Plants’ experience of being in the world is very different from the experience of us animals. Because plants cannot move about, they exist in a state of profound acceptance and peace within themselves. Emotions such as fear, hate, jealousy, possessiveness, etc. are wholly unknown to plants and would serve no … Continue reading Magical Herbs


Lesson 4 – Meditation Meditation will improve your focus, make you a happier person and greatly reduce the stress in your life. This is an Ancient practice is and is actually quite easy to learn and apply. There are many different forms of meditation. The most basic is the watching of your breath. To perform … Continue reading Meditation