A different Beginner’s Course

A Beginner's Course on Magick by Phil Hansford MAGICK 1 - Why Magick: parapsychology and psychic phenomena examples of ESP examples of PK the subconscious why do magick? magick vs. witchcraft, alchemy MAGICK 2 - The Subjectivity of Experience: the model the true will systems of magick MAGICK 3 - The Four Worlds: microcosm and … Continue reading A different Beginner’s Course


Beginner to Advanced Techniques for speaking with Deities

God Talk Speaking with the Gods When I was just a kid, I remember my Grandma keeping various candles about the house that she used for different purposes. One was in the shape of a five-pointed star and was green. This was her money candle. These early memories must have influenced me because I've always … Continue reading Beginner to Advanced Techniques for speaking with Deities

Protecting Others Psychically

As you become more comfortable and skilled in protecting yourself, there will be times when you may want to shield another person or loved one. You can extend the protection skills you have honed for yourself to help others. Preparation: Many people feel that an essential first step in protecting someone is to first gain … Continue reading Protecting Others Psychically

Psychic Protection: What to do during a psychic attack

If you feel you are under psychic attack, you first want to assess why. I have found that many people's favorite form of attack is the psychological bluff. They will tell you that they are going to "get you", "destroy you magically", or "use their powers to make you pay." I even have witnessed someone … Continue reading Psychic Protection: What to do during a psychic attack

How to Diagnose a Psychic Attack

Diagnosing a Psychic Attack What if someone comes to you claiming that they are being attacked psychically, but you suspect otherwise? There may be times when someone suspects they are under a psychic attack, when in reality they are suffering from a medical condition. They might have picked up a virus by natural means, or … Continue reading How to Diagnose a Psychic Attack