Spirits: The ‘Good’, the ‘Bad’ and The Labeled

Author: Workings of Mind

Now I see a lot of misconceptions around beings, and what beings (spirits) are ‘good’ and what are ‘bad’. I thought I would just put down my thoughts on the subject. First of all, one must understand that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are but labels. There is no true evil or good, it is all purely subjective and open to individual interpretation. My definition of ‘good’ could be entirely different to your definition of the same thing. Many spirits such as demons or spirits that have dark-based energies (I’ll discuss spiritual affinities later) are typically condemned just due to their energies and origin. Whilst, beings that have light-based energies such as angels etc are placed upon a pedestal. This is quite sad really and very far from the actual truth.

Now before I continue, I’d like to make a point. Religions in particular are regular offenders of this. Christianity in particular, of course would condemn demons and lift up angels to a higher pedestal, as would make sense. If you’re ever offended by my posts, remember that these posts will broadcast my thoughts, opinions and beliefs. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. We all have differing beliefs and perspectives on things.

As I said this is so far from the truth. Its purely individualism. Like in this world, some people are really nice naturally, bubbly and sweet. Some are simply rude for whatever reason. It follows the phrase; ‘To each their own’. Its the exact same with spirits! I’ve known some demons to do some very great/subjectively ‘good’ things just as I have witnessed some angels in particular do some very ‘terrible’ things. I’m not going to argue with religions either, because well; to each their own. Many beings, besides demons are also condemned due to their spiritual affinities which leads me to my next point.

What are Spiritual Affinities?
Affinities are essentially the forms that energies can take the form of, these affinities are basically the spiritual elements. I.e. Earth, Air, Water and Fire (these are known as the classics) and there are many other non-classical elements too such as (Darkness, Light, Chaos, Death, Life, etc). Now some may argue with me and say that Darkness is merely the absence of light, the absence of photons and you would be correct. That is what physical darkness is. But not spiritual darkness. All the different affinities have their own general characteristics, colours, attributes, forms, shapes, textures/consistencies and so on. Spirits/people may have more than one affinity. They could have multiple/various combinations or they could just have one or two. It depends entirely on the person at hand. Beings can typically be condemned by these affinities, the elements that their energies assume. Demons always have darkness, and angels always have a light affinity amongst others. I.e. It’s possible for an angel to have light, earth and water, or light and fire and so on. Same with demons, one might have darkness and air.

What about beings that have both light and darkness? Well, I’ll save the bulk of this discussion for another day. But it’s very rare. Almost like a Hollywood stereotype, the affinities of light and darkness, although similar in method (characteristics) but different in degree (opposites) tend to conflict heavily when they come into contact with one another. If a light being (being with a light affinity) attempted to energetically heal a dark being (vice versa) they would harm them rather than heal them. Unless they were skilled enough to know a way around this. Typically these rare cases only come when beings are born with both darkness and light. Although one can, if skilled enough integrate the other affinity into them if they desire (a being with light trying to integrate darkness). I recommend great caution here, without the correct knowledge and understanding, one could easily become very, very ill and cause untold damage to their soul/ES.

The classical affinities are deemed quite common, whilst the non-classics are deemed rarer or more uncommon. Souls/spirits are born with these affinities. You can’t just pick one, I.e. Darkness, and think; ‘Oh that’s really cool! Sign me up!’. It does not work like that. You can only receive affinities from other spirits that gift you an affinity that they possess, or if you’re knowledgeable/skilled enough to ‘integrate’ a particular affinity into your ES (Energy System).

To quickly explain what I mean by ES, it basically refers to a person’s energetic body, where their energies, chakra’s, nadi’s and so forth are contained within their physical body.

Now these posts are just me putting down my thoughts and so forth. If you’re genuinely curious about anything I discuss here, feel free to comment or send me a message on twitter or an email. I’m more than happy to answer any questions, or hear any thoughts that you might have.

Original article: Malevolent Beings vs Benevolent Beings (Misconceptions) — Workings of Mind


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