Strengthen Your Inner Magick Chant

Note: This is originally from the Left hand Path, but this chant works for all path workings and does NOT affect your inner light/dark. It simply just raises power and works those magickal

Your inner magick, inner black flame, Chi/Qi, energy, primal magick power or however you refer to your inner power you use for your manifestations and other workings on your chosen path, here is a great way to help empower and expand your power capacities. Basically, a way to build a bigger internal engine for your magical self to get you that additional horse power to drive your craft. This chant is super easy and SUPER effective. Remember that with most things pronunciation doesn’t matter too much but the intent is what matters most. That’s not entirely true with this particular chant. It doesn’t matter how you spell it, but it needs to be said properly or it won’t work.

I got this chant from one of my favorite black practitioners, The Serpent’s Key, who was given this directly from the spirit of the Goetia, Azazel. Below is her video explaining the chant, how it works, how to use it, correct pronunciation, where she got it, why you should use this chant as well as the most important part concerning some precautions and warnings.

Magick does need to be strengthened and trained to build it’s strength. Much like a muscle you need to work it to build on it, and if you don’t use it it will dwindle and need to be built up again. When you first start with these exercises you can feel a variety of symptoms if any at all such as flu like symptoms, headaches, dizziness, etc. You’ll start to feel energy building in your solar plexus giving sensations of tingling, pressure, rushing or even swirling type feelings. Your first time you may raise a massive amount of energy where it feels like you may have summoned a spirit by accident, or you may not feel anything at all, but you did and practice will increase it over time, so be patient.

The chant itself is great for beginners just starting out to help affirm that you really do have magick as everyone does. I use this as a confidence booster for those that doubt they have any power at all. This can be done as a meditation, a mantra, pre-ritual chant, or any other use you may find for raising power.

Pay Attention to The Warnings!!

This is strong stuff. When you raise your energy using this chant be absolutely sure to dispose/release the energy or put it into a ritual or spell. If you do not, it can cause injury to your being on multiple levels even physical if you raise a massive amount. I tested to see out of curiosity and to be able to convey the importance of these warnings. Magick is not a toy, but a force, a vehicle that drives your WILL into existence. Car accidents happen if you’re not a practiced and knowledgeable driver.

When I used it for the first time I was meditating and left this whispering chant run on loop. I sat there with it going for near an hour and had felt warm crackling type feelings from my chest to my third eye. The more I meditated and deeper I went the stronger it got. After about 2 hours, there was so much power built up in my solar plexus and third eye that despite having my eyes closed it was like looking at the sun on a clear summer day and that I was a very deeply rooted tree ready to explode like an atom bomb. As I released the energy back into the earth I felt dizzy and proceeded to pass out.

Mind you, I have been using magick for nearly 20 years now, and I haven’t raised that much power so quickly and so steadily I was absolutely speechless! This simple little chant was that effective! I did do an experiment, as mentioned above, (which was very stupid but I wanted to test my personal limits at that time) where I used this chant to raise as much power as I possibly could and neglect to release it. I know it was dangerous, but again, I was being stupid. It was very painful on all levels of existence that I can, at that time, perceive. It felt like I was being shredded from the inside like my chakra points were extended balloons that contained swirling saw blades and they were tearing me up. Even my physical muscles were being torn up, but as if I had done a majorly tough workout without stretching and pushed myself much too far. That was in December last year and I’m still feeling the twinges in my joints. Again… very stupid, but now I’m able to tell you that when given a warning, we mean it!! It’s for your own safety.


Awaken Your Inner Black Flame

Since then I have only used this as a daily exercise for about 15 minutes to stretch those magickal muscles and then release or use that raised energy. Chanting it yourself or listening to her recording is effective either way. I prefer to listen to the recording on loop, personally. This is because when I meditate I get so relaxed that my speech will, for lack of a better term, turn into a train wreck.

If you like what you see here with The Serpent’s Key, I encourage you to check out her YouTube channel as well as her website. She’s a great no nonsense gal who tells it like it is.


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