Mass binding of President Trump

I did not participate in the Binding of President Trump. This was my choice as I don’t believe that as a good move. These policies of his I agree with and I support most, not all, of his actions. Binding him at such a crucial time in our country’s history I feel to not be a wise idea, regardless of your stand with him as our leader.


Perhaps some of you will not agree with me on my choice, but that in itself is demonstrating your own personal freedoms to make that decision on your own. I prefer to make my own conscious opinions not tainted by a whirl wind of he-said-she-said back and forth in not just our media, but also in our entertainment industries, businesses we visit as well as our educational systems.

This article is not to sway your thoughts one way or another, but rather to bring to light why I did not participate in that large collective against an idea that is Trump. I’ve had readers ask me if I was going to join them and didn’t grasp how I was not in agreement with that movement’s message. My spiritual path and what I share here doesn’t need to be divided by political views. Here we are to learn, share and experience. This is one place of many where we have something in common and that commonality is why we’re drawn together.

If you feel you need to stop visiting me, that is your choice. I will in no way try to change your mind as I do not want to tinker with anyone else’s free-will. Have a great day and I bless you all no matter what you choose to do. Blessed be!

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