Cooking with Magic

Lately I’ve been working on bettering my husband’s and my diet. Making everything from scratch or as near to scratch as sanity would allow and only purchasing what we needed. Easy rules I’m following; if I can make it get the healthiest (not trendiest) ingredients, if I can buy it fresh get it fresh and preserve it at home, be mindful of where the food comes from. I also tend to add to my food storage as well. I admit I’m a mild prepper, but it’s saved my family, animals included, when we had major power outages during the winter storms in my area when snowed in for a few days and without power for nearly a week. I get box milk, tests the same if not better and lasts nearly a year, eggs 5 dozen at a time, and I get canned meat, fruits and veggies making sure they’re packed in water, juice or oil avoiding things like syrup and added sugar. I found avoiding non-fat and low-fat food items I’m not getting digestive issues or headaches. Too many additives trying to make fat-less food taste good and these in turn can make you sick. Beware dieters!!! We allow cookies and dark chocolate once in a while… I wouldn’t survive otherwise. ^_^

I’ve gotten off topic. We’re here to talk about magic and food. Two great, yet delicious subjects. *I’m torturing myself at the moment since I have brownies in the oven and it smells awesome while I’m typing this.* I know some of you crafty witchy folk out there are a little timid when it comes to casting spells and actually trying new ideas. You’re probably worried you’re going to mess it up or it’ll backfire and cause you problems.


Here’s my advice to you… Don’t be afraid of it. Big things like evocation, invocation or spirit crafting of some sort I agree takes a huge amount of respect for the entity you’re dealing with as well as knowledge. However, we’re not doing that. We’re doing simple you and the food magic. You don’t even need a spell book for this or special herbs or tools! Just you and whatever yummy dish you’re cooking up!

Firstly, we’ll answer some simple questions, no need for pen and paper. Just answer them to yourself. What do you need in this moment. Easiest way to do it is by non-materialistic needs. If you need money, car, tools or something like that you can do it here but would be more effective with additional workings to make it more potent and more chances for success.

For instance, today I was feeling numb and not energetic in the least, more lethargic than anything. So I decided to do some magical food to help lift my spirits and let me get back to work doing research and such for more material for both this blog and for my own book of shadows. I found that comfort food works best and whatever ingredients or additions that sound tasty to you. I decided on brownies, but this is magical and I wanted to punch it up a bit, even though it isn’t necessary for it to work.


As you start the cooking process each time you add something in imagine you’re fulfilling your initial goal of this dish. Doesn’t have to be a spell or even rhyme. Mine didn’t even make sense. The whole time I was mixing the dough I was grumbling about how I didn’t want to be sore, tired or melancholy anymore. I was starting to feel a little peppier when I got to pouring the mix into the pan and when I was striping the top with caramel and dark chocolate I was singing something I was making up as I went along. Go with the flow. Spirit wants to sing, sing. Easy!

I felt much better but not completely recovered. I remembered I had Himalayan Pink salt and sprinkled that over the top of my brownies for a salted caramel *drooling* twist to it. I popped it in the oven and have been bouncing ever since. The closer to being done, the more positive I’m feeling.


This is perhaps one of the easiest spells I’ve ever worked that has had such great results. For many years now I’ve done this and without a doubt it’s worked every time… except that time I dropped my pan of cinnamon rolls on the floor when I was putting them in the oven. That was unfortunate, but I recovered them by unfolding each one and rolling a strip of bacon into it. That was delicious. It pretty much turned into a batched working and was recovered, and very om nom nom I might add.

This magical workings doesn’t depend on the tools or ingredients, but yourself and the intent you’re putting out there. You can look at it as a form of active meditation designed to alter your state to a more positive one. Be safe in all your workings and I hope you enjoy this finger licking good article!!

In case you were curious, here’s the recipe I used:

Best Gooey Salted Caramel Brownies EVER!

I would like to add a cooking tip that’s not mentioned in the recipe. If you use cold heavy cream when adding it to your mix it will mix more evenly and quicker without cooking to the bottom and becoming lumpy. Works for rue sauces, too. Just a thought. Enjoy!

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