Witch’s Garden

It’s that time of year again when we soil loving souls get to dive back into the earth and plant some seeds to aid us in our workings in one way or another. Here is a fun little article I found that I thought was well suited for this topic. I hope you enjoy!

Creating a Witches Garden

By Jennifer Seitzer   Mon, Mar 05, 2012

To feel the earth within your hands and beneath your feet is a sacred and sensual experience given to us by our Beloved Mother Gaia. Creating a witches garden is a ritual all unto itself from choosing your location right down to planting and nourishing your chosen seeds. Photograph by *UKTara at DeviantArt at http://uktara.deviantart.com/

Creating a Witches Garden

It isn’t long before we walk along our Earth based path(s) that we as Pagans, Wiccans and Witches feel the need to play in the dirt. There is a spiritual need and excitement when sinking our hands deep into the earth or nourishing and caring and watching a plant grow into maturity. This alone is pure Earth Magick. Stable and strong. It sustains us and if we chose to, we can then begin to grow our gardens into our very own nature’s grocery store and pharmacy. For the scope of this article I will be discussing planning and creating a witches garden. After that, if you would like to further your knowledge base and get more in depth, I have listed some excellent books that I have read and utilized within my own garden sanctuary.

When choosing space for your witches garden you can have something as simple as a container garden for those living in a city where land is scarce and that is perfectly okay as container gardening can be quite beautiful. I have had container gardens before and most likely will be doing that again as the land in my backyard is very swampy and the expense of a raised garden bed is out of reach right now. If you are lucky to have wide open space then choose a place within your yard and begin the designing process by choosing the right amount of light you receive right down to the actual design. A great book that includes design ideas is The Real Witches Garden by Kate West. It’s an excellent guide to choosing herbs, plants and your sacred space within your garden.

Choosing Your Plants

Do you use Mugwort often? Do you smudge your home with sage? Do you love using lavender, chamomile in your sachets and teas? Think of all the herbs and plants you love and use often and then begin researching on their upkeep and care. Also make sure to research your planting zone so you may get the very best climate to nurture your plants and herbs. Here is a link for the US planting zone chart and from there you can then decide which plants and herbs will do the very best in your area. One very important thing to remember is to research plants and herbs that can be toxic or poisonous to ensure the safety of children and pets.

Magickal Intent

Once you have chosen you plants now would be a great time to infuse your magic and intent. If you are creating a garden specifically to be used in rituals and circles these plants already resonate that vibration you are after but you can also bless and charge your plants during the growing process from seed to maturity. If you are planting an indoor garden of any kind this Seed Blessing is wonderful or you may create your very own seed blessing.

Working with the phases of the moon is always something to keep in mind. Remember, your intent is always, by far the very most important aspect of anything you do in your magickal life but if you are inclined to want to follow the moon phases, here is an excellent Moon Phase Guide for gardening.

“Here’s a quick rule of thumb, although it might vary from plant to plant:
Always plant during the new or waxing Moon phase, preferably in the fruitful Moon signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. There are some exceptions: Plant garlic during a new or waxing moon in the sign of Scorpio or Taurus. Root crops should be planted during a waxing or full moon in Taurus. Plant vines and flowers in Libra during a new or waxing moon. Sage needs to be planted in Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer during a full moon. Valerian: Gemini or Virgo during the new or waxing moon….”-(Source: Earth Witchery)

Some other ways to bring magick into your witches garden is to design your pots or other gardening tools with symbols and/or runes. Placing clear quartz crystals or moss agate (the gardeners stone) within the soil will amplify and charge your plants and has been proven to help your plants flourish and grow. Watering your plants with water that has been blessed and charged will also amplify and nourish your plants. Creating a moon charged gem elixir with clear quartz is excellent for watering your plants. During the growing season you may chose to do a mini-full moon ritual to give thanks and gratitude to Gaia for abundantly blessing you with her sacred gifts of nature.

Some Plants to Choose for Your Witches Garden-(this list is by all means not exhaustive)

Plants You Need to Be Very Careful With-(they are toxic to children, animals as well as yourself so take heed and be very careful)

Recommended Books for Your Witches Garden

The Real Witches Garden by Kate West

Garden Witchery: Magick From the Ground Up by Ellen Dugan

Article page found here Click me


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