Lesson 13 – Prosperity Spells


Financial Solution Dream

Answers and solutions to your financial dilemmas may be out

of reach, the answers may lie in your subconscious. This

ritual is designed to draw them out during dreams.

Sprinkle infused basil oil onto a lodestone before going to


Get into bed, turn out the lights and gently rub the scented

lodestone in a clockwise direction on your forehead.

Keep the lodestone near the bed so that you can inhale the

basil fragrance.

Full Moon Money Chant

Write a list of people in green ink on a piece of paper, the

piece of paper should be relatively small, and should hold

about 5 names.

Light 2 green candles on a full moon at around 10pm, then

burn the piece of paper while chanting:

“Take these names and do them no harm, instead bring them

luck, money and charm.

So Mote It Be!”

Do the same ritual for all of the names, 5 names at a time.

Money Drawing Mojo

Green Bag

Green Candle

Money Drawing Oil

Money Drawing Incense



Magnetic Sand (also known as Lodestone food)



Light the green candle and money drawing incense.

Place the lodestones on a cloth.

Take a pinch of magnetic sand and drop them over the

lodestones to “charge” them.

While concentrating on your desires for money, stability and


place the lodestones into the green bag along with the

peppermint, sand and coins.

Envision yourself in the financial position you would like

to achieve.

Anoint your bag with the money drawing oil and pass the bag

through the flame of the candle

and the smoke from the burning incense while repeating the

following phrase five times:

Money flow – bring it directly to me. No more financial woes

– I am free.

Extinguish the candle and carry your newly charged mojo bag

with you.

Money Stone

Start this spell during the waxing moon.

You need a green candle, green paint, and you need to find a

rock that is nearly square in shape.

Charge the green candle with money attracting energy. See

yourself already enjoying the money that you need. When you

are ready, light the candle. In the glow of the candle

flame, paint symbols for money on the rock (£)…or any

other symbol that makes you think of money. As you do this,

concentrate on how this rock will bring needed money into

your life. After 7 minutes snuff the candle. Everyday, light

the candle for 7 minutes until money appears.

Words of Power for Wealth

Light a candle, burn some cinnamon incense (money drawing)

and say these words for 7 days during the Waxing Moon and on

the night of the Full Moon.

Keep it up until you have what is needed.

“There is One Power, Which is perfect abundance and


And I (your name), am a perfect manifestation of this Power.

The Power, working for me and through me, provides for me

all the

abundance and fulfillment which is rightfully mine.

I draw to me and create in my life all that I need in the

World of Form to fulfill my needs.

This may come specifically in the form of money,

I hereby realize all cause, effect, manifestation,

form and essence and any channel within me,

Which may have been preventing the appropriate

flow of abundance in my life.

I draw upon the balance of resources in the Universe,

For the good of all, According to the free will of all,

And I affirm my own wisdom in understanding my needs, and

how to fulfill them.

I call to me just enough resources, Knowing I deprive none,

And am not deprived myself, I have just enough. And so must

it be.”


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