Lesson 10 – Goals


13 Goals of a Witch

Know Yourself
Know your Craft
Apply knowledge with wisdom
Achieve balance
Keep your words in good order
Keep your thoughts in good order
Celebrate life
Attune with the cycles of the Earth
Breath and eat correctly
Exercise the body
Honor your Gods and Ancestors

Setting Your Own Goals

Life goals are what will motivate us to work hard. Setting these goals will involve thinking about and planning your future. A purpose in life in important if you want to move forward.

One of the easy ways to start is by picturing where you want to be after a certain number of years. You should then break the long term goal into short term ones. All the goals should be time oriented as a deadline will keep you focused. Goals should be achievable so that you don’t get overwhelmed by it.

Find out your limitations and set your goals accordingly or you may get discouraged when you are unable to achieve them. You can also ask people who know you well to give you some advice.

While setting life goals, concentrate on all things that are important to you in life. This can involve your career, education, family, finance, spiritual development etc. You should set one goal in each category and have a plan as to how you should achieve it. The long term and short term plans will be involved in all these categories.

Writing your life goals will be like making a pact with your self. It will be something you can keep checking from time to time. Prioritize your goals so you will know which one you will have to work on first. Always keep easy- to- achieve short term goals. Reward yourself every time you achieve a short time goal as this will help you build your self confidence.

Having these goals will move you forward in life as you will not remain stagnant and content with whatever you have.

Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, you can then look to see what support you need from the magical realm. You may wish to create a mojo bag for luck finding employment if you decide to change your job; make a calming blend of oils to help you meditate if your goal is to relax more.

It is important that you remain focused on your needs before casting any spell, as intent is one of the key ingredients to the success of any form of magic.

The Power of Intention

Never underestimate the power of your Intention. It represents the most powerful magical tool at your disposal. Intention is pure Energy. It is the divine creative Force behind all cosmic, universal and human designs.

The efficiency of intention relies on two factors

1 – Establishing a purpose
2 – Intensity

Establishing a purpose, or setting a goal – is necessary as it gives us a direction. It affects the trajectory of the creative Energy. The practical question is: What do you wish to achieve?
The more precise your answer is, the clearer your path will be.

The second factor is intensity. This is the focus you draw into your thoughts.

The greater the concentration, passion and amount of energy that you can give your intention, the greater and faster the results will appear.

Coincidences won’t be coincidences but messages and divine signs that will automatically make sense.

The practical question is: How much do you want this dream to come true? To be part of your reality? To be fully experienced?.… You need to engage your entire being into this process.

The understanding of who you are is the key. Be aware of your thoughts, your choices, your decisions, your beliefs and more so your power… Remember that your reality always matches the way you perceive the world outside.

And remember that the way you perceive the world outside always matches the way you perceive your…Self.
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Celebrating the Pagan Soul
Real Witches Handbook
The Witch’s Book of Wisdom

Spell for Lesson 10 – A Spell to Strengthen the Witch Within

This spell should be cast three times, at the new, full, and dark of
the month.

Large piece of parchment paper
Two purple candles
Moon oil
Power incense
A small moonstone

Arrange your altar. Carve moons into your candles and anoint them with
oil. Anoint yourself as well, on brow, heart, and hands. Seat yourself
comfortably and light the candles, saying:

“With this flame, I awaken the Witch within me.”

Light the incense. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a while,
relax, and let go. Bathe yourself and your aura in white light. Keep
breathing deeply and slowly as you begin to sway and weave, letting
your body move into a circular motion. Empty yourself of all
distractions and anxieties.
Write your goals on the paper. Set this up
between the candles so that it is facing you. Take the moonstone and
clasp it to your heart. Keep breathing deeply as you fill yourself with the goals on the parchment.

Repeat the following incantation three times:

“I am independent and strong
I am thoughtful and beautiful
I am educated and free
Natural forces, My dreams, My feelings, My creativity, My passion, My love
All of creation is spread before me!
For I am form, and I am forming, I create my own reality
With love and respect to all.
So mote it be”

As you repeat this chant, let your words flow rhythmically. Improvise, make new
words if you feel inspired.

When you feel complete, slip the parchment beneath the altar cloth.
Give thanks to the Goddess and God and snuff out the candles.

The moonstone is to carry at all times. Keep it in your pocket, under
your pillow, or wear it in a pouch. Whenever you feel the need, hold
the stone and rub it with your thumb in a circular motion. Think or say:

“I am safe, I am me
All is well, Blessed be”

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