Year of the Rat

Being of the element water, rat people are powerful communicators. They’re skillful in the art of manipulation and getting them to see a particular point of view. Born as a rat they are observant, opportunistic and resourceful. They are also versatile and adaptable, embodying the fluidity of water itself.


The Metal Rat – 1900, 1960

Outwardly they are very joyful and love attention, but beneath it all they are very tough and very emotional. The metal rats tend to have strong negative emotions such as possessiveness, jealousy and selfishness. Though most are able to hide them very well.

Metal Rats tend to focus, almost tunnel vision, on their desires and how to obtain them. When they are unable to obtain their goal they can be short tempered.

When it comes to money, the metal rat isn’t a penny-pincher, but nor do they have a hole in their pocket. Spending their money on things to help others think well of them. In the same respect they dress well and make sure their house is as classy and stylish as possible.

The Metal Rat should try to be aware of his emotions and control them so that he doesn’t create unnecessary conflict with others. He should also curb his selfishness and possessiveness. He should try to compromise on his own needs and learn to take into account the needs of others. It will make him happier in the long run.


The Water Rat – 1912, 1972

With Water as his natural element and Water as the element of his year of birth, the Water Rat is particularly skilful at the art of persuasion and manipulation. He is mentally quick and agile; an innovative and a strategic thinker, and excellent at finding solutions to difficult situations.

The Water Rat’s ease of adaptability allows him to relate and get on well with people from all walks of life. He also is incredibly intuitive and is able to assess people’s personalities and characters quickly. This allows the Water Rat to accommodate and use each person’s strengths and weaknesses in order to best draw on their support.

People will be automatically drawn to the Water Rat and not even realize that they are being manipulated. Fortunately, the Water Rat is generally empathetic, generous and kind, so while he may be self-centered, it will not be with the malicious intent to harm others. Water Rats are good and charismatic public speakers and writers. They can also be drawn to scholarly pursuits and academia.

Water Rats like to talk and if uncontrolled, a loose tongue may get him into hot water! The Water Rat should also realize that his powerful ability to persuade others should be garnered for good use.

A woodrat
                            A woodrat

The Wood Rat – 1924, 1984

The Wood Rat is well-spoken, popular and successful at whatever he does. He can look at things from a macro perspective and is able to find a way to achieve what he sets out to do. He is skilled at selling; from actual items to ideas to business plans. By his eloquence and persuasive speech, people will be happy to buy in on whatever he’s promoting.

However, despite the confident exterior, the Wood Rat is the most insecure of all the Rats. This insecurity tends to drive the Wood Rat to be extra hardworking and diligent. The Wood Rat is also insecure over what people think of him, so he is always very accommodating and amenable to those around him.

There is also a negative side to this Rat’s eloquence and versatile nature – he will find it easy to be manipulative and this can enhance his tendency to be deceitful or to lie, just to get out of difficult situations and have his way. The flexible quality of Wood people can mean that this Rat uses his versatile nature to be sneaky and not always for positive ends.
Aside from anxiety over his insecurities, he does manage to have a good work-life balance and is generally a happy person.

The Wood Rat should not worry so much about what others think of him because most of the time it is unwarranted. He should also be more confident about what the future holds and enjoy being in the present. Stop acting confident and just be confident!


The Fire Rat – 1936, 1996

The Fire Rat is the most active Rat and is naturally a free spirit. He finds it difficult to stay still in one place for long and constantly seeks new pastures. Independence is important to the Fire Rat, so he tends to be resistant to any environment which has strict rules and regulations. Careers which involve travel or anything creative would be attractive to the Fire Rat.

Even on the domestic front, if the Fire Rat finds that he is emotionally suffocating or being pressured, he will look for the nearest exit and get out of the situation. Despite this seeming allergy to responsibility, the Fire Rat is very generous and charitable, making them very attractive.

The Fire Rat is also the most flamboyant and assertive of the Rats. Add being impulsive into the mix and it means that the Fire Rat can get himself into trouble without trying too hard.

The Fire Rat should take it easy now and then and settle in one spot long enough to consolidate and rest. The Fire Rat is also known to be rather direct in his speech which may offend some people unnecessarily. If the Fire Rat can learn to be more skilful in his speech, he may be able to achieve more. In general, the Fire Rat should stop and think before he leaps in order to make logical than emotional decisions.


The Earth Rat – 1948, 2008

The Earth Rat is the most grounded and stable of the Rats. He has the general intellect of the Rats without the flightiness; as such, the Earth Rat is able to make sensible and realistic decisions which lead to solid and successful careers and relationships.

Ever the pragmatist, the Earth Rat sticks to whatever is safe and conventional. Unlike his other more impulsive Rat brothers, the Earth Rat prefers to settle down in one place and stay put wherever he is. The Earth Rat is also risk-averse and prefers not to take chances.
Charming and clever, the Earth Rat has many friends. However, while he is not as egoistical as other Rats, he is still sensitive about what others think of him and yearns to be respected. Those who appreciate and respect the Earth Rat is assured of the Earth Rat’s loyalty in return.

The Earth Rat can be a perfectionist and be too demanding on others when rushing to fulfill his objectives. He can also stress himself unnecessarily by always comparing his achievements with others. If the Earth Rat is able to relax and not be too competitive, he will find that he is able to achieve success at a steady rate.

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