The Magical Spiral

spiral coils

The Spiral

The Spiral is a symbol that has been found carved in Neolithic rock formations all over the world.  While it is obvious that it was significant symbol of spirituality, just what its meaning was, is unknown. To Witches, the Spiral is a Witchcraft symbol of the Goddess.    It’s also symbolic of the journey of life.  This is a contemplative Witchcraft symbol.  By following the spiral line with a finger, or just eyeballing it, this symbol forces you to slow down and relax.  This symbolism is demonstrated in the Spiral Dance.

Spiral dance is a ceremonial dance, in which a number of people join together, forming a living spiral that contracts and expands. Traditionally a man and woman who portray the goddess and the lame god lead the dance. The man limps or drags once foot as he impersonates this character. The lame god is a curious figure connected to ancient hammer gods and mythical blacksmith figures.

spiral dance

As the dance commences the dancers are led counterclockwise into an inward spiral, symbolic of the journey to the soul into the underworld, where the dark aspect of the great goddess awaits.  Once encountered, the goddess is seen in her light aspect in which she renews life. The dancers are then led outward in a clockwise spiral. The outward spiral represents the return to life from beneath the underworld. Here the spiral is symbolic of reincarnation.

Spiral is a symbol of transformation. In Neolithic times the spiral was also a symbol of death and trance. Spirals are often seen depicted on Neolithic caves and ancient tombs. The owl, often a symbol of death is connected to the spiral symbolism due in part to the circular pattern of its feathers, particularly around the eyes.

As a symbol of transformation the spiral linked to the labyrinth design. Like the labyrinth, the spiral is symbolic of the inner journey to the center of one’s being. In some traditions a special spiral dance is done.

A Spiral is one of the ancient Goddess symbols, as a sign of Life. As such, it is also one of the primary Wicca symbols.


A Spiral is a created by a circle moving forward, so to speak.

As the Wheel turns, you come around again, but not to the same point as before. You arrive at same place, but on a new level. Just as May 1900 and May 2000 are both spring, yet a different experience.


A spiral line uncoiling is “the movement of creation,” according to Arthur Avalon in Shakti and Shakta. The Spiral represents the path of life – from your Essence, outward to the world. Or, depending on your perspective, from worldly existence to spiritual Essence.

As Walker so eloquently phrases it, a Spiral represents “death and rebirth as movement into the disappearing-point of formlessness, and out of it again, to a new world of form.” ( The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p 491)


The Spiral is one of the most common natural shapes, seen in nature from galaxies to sea shells to the pattern of a falcon’s dive.

Spirals have been primary Goddess symbols since the late Paleolithic, where they were marked on tombs.

Double Spiral

double spiral

The Double Spiral represents the dual purpose of life – the journey inward to your Essence, and then outward to the world.


It is weaving the Path Home, forever inward and forever outward, on each path coming closer to your Divine Essence. The Double Spiral is the Dance of Life, inhabiting both planes of existence simultaneously.


This is an expression of the Goddess manifesting as physical life, and physical life realizing its Divinity.

Triple Spiral

triskellion circle

The Triple Spiral, or Triskele, is believed to be one of the ancient Goddess symbols of the Celts. It represents the Triple Goddess, and in particular is associated with the Celtic Goddess Brighid.


The Triple Spiral is sometimes also used to represent the three realms of land, sea, and sky.

The spiral has been used as a powerful trance and meditation tool to help not only ground one’s self but to connect to the rhythm of the universe.

For instance the double spiral used for reliving the cycles of life; deconstruction and rebirth.


Sit relaxed, ground and centered. Visualize a double spiral. When you see it clearly, let it grow until you stand with in it, and follow it inward, moving counterclockwise. It becomes a maze of high, clipped hedges, then a labyrinth of stone walls; its winding turns are the passageway to a hidden secret. As you move through the spiral, the world dissolves; form dissolves, until you are in the hidden heart where birth and death are one.

The center of the spiral shines: it is the North Star, and the arms of the spiral are the Milky Way, a myriad of stars slowly revolving around the still center point. You are in spiral castle, at the back of the North Wind. Explore it in your imagination. See who you meet, what you learn.

You are in the womb of the Goddess, floating free. Now feel yourself pushed and squeezed, moving our through the spiral, which is now the vaginal passage of rebirth. Move clockwise through the double spiral of your DNA. Now it becomes a whirlwind- fly with it. Let it become the twining tendril of a plant- a crystal- a shell- an orbiting electron. Time is a spiral- the cycles endlessly repeating, yet always moving; know the spiral as the underlying form of all energy. As you emerge, let it return to its small abstract, symbolic form. Thank it, and let it disappear.

This experience is both powerful and enlightening. It helped change my personal perspective in the way of things, not only how they worked but how they are put together as well. The spirals are also useful for potential time travel as well with enough practice, or help in the honing of astral projection abilities.

In a multitude of cultures the instances of spirals inspired by nature appear in artwork, and not just on items but as painted and tattooed on the practitioners as well. To help focus energies to aid in accomplishing tasks and as protection is one of the most wide spread uses of spirals.


The oriental cultures have their own form of the spiral as the yin and yang sigil, inspired by the understanding that there is both a positive and negative coexistence within everything. Night and day, light and dark, male and female, good and evil, love and hate, the list goes on.

The spiral is found naturally reoccurring all throughout nature, not just in the life cycles and food chains, but in the forms and habits of the earth itself and of life. Sea shells, ferns unfurling, vines curling, currents in the water, the rings of a tree over the passing years, the seasons, spider’s webs so on and so forth.

fern and frog
Some resources used for this article are (JRL {the encyclopedia of modern witchcraft and neo-paganism})


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