Moon’s Phase in Magic

Moon Phases

The moon affects everything around us, the way we act, the way we think, and the way we handle our emotions.  The effects of the moon had been talked about, and joked about, since the Dawn of Time.  Phrases like “once in a blue moon” and “full moon special” have been used as an excuse for a wide variety of behavior.  Throughout levels to will wind and 301, we will begin tracking our moods and emotions and how they tie into the many different phases of the moon and the astrological sign the moon is in.

The New Moon is the time of initiation and ideas.  Now is the time to begin a new project, get a new job, or bring to life that creative idea you’ve been holding on to.

Magickal Correspondences: birth, initiation, new beginnings, honoring oneself

The first quarter of the moon is called the Waxing Moon and is seen becoming larger.  In this phase the Goddess is the Maiden.  Now is the time of new ideas and new beginnings, of building and growth.  This is the time that we focus on bringing things to us, such as a better job, new love, or increased financial security.

Magickal Correspondences: growth, advancement, the start of a new project, positive change

At the Full Moon She is the Mother.  Psychic abilities are at their highest.  We concentrate on fertility, growth, transformation, fulfillment, love, and power.  When there are 2 full moons during a calendar month (this happens every 2 1/2 years), the second moon is called the Blue Moon.  This is the time to try something new, something you ordinarily wouldn’t try.

Magickal Correspondences: fertility, growth, transformation, fulfillment, sexuality, maturation, love, power, maximum psychic ability

The last quarter of the moon is called the Waning Moon and is seen getting smaller.  Now the Goddess is the Crone and we focus on wisdom, intuition and healing.  This is the time to release negative energies, banish harmful thoughts, and release those things that bring harm to us.

Magickal Correspondences: wisdom, endings, release, banishment, intuition, prophecy, divination, old age, deep secrets, the power of healing

The day before the new moon is called the Dark Moon.  We use this time for strong protection or defensive work.  When there are 2 dark moons in a calendar month, the second dark moon is called the Sidhe Moon.  This is the time for deeply personal internal or shadow work.

Magickal Correspondences: banishing, transformation, meditation, divination )

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