Ducking Pigeonholing

I’ve seen this countless times everywhere I go. Whether I’m out and about in the world, reading through a magazine or newspaper, or simply doing research on the internet; I come across those that have “borrowed” a title without knowing it’s actual meaning and they are the furthest thing from said label. We all need to learn to be ourselves and be less focused on what others think and are doing and concern yourself with “self” and you’ll find it’s much “cooler” to be yourself as an individual rather than a blind sheep.

The Witch of Forest Grove


I  have noticed a trend in the blogosphere in the past year. Many of us are trying to voice something that perhaps hasn’t had a voice before: we don’t know what to call ourselves any more. It used to be easy, we called ourselves wiccan, druid, or simply pagan, but such labels seldom fit these days. Most of us no longer follow distinct paths that can be clearly defined or we follow older cultural paths for which the names have been forgotten. Do we use witch, magician, sorcerer, spirit worker, or occultist? Why do we feel we have to have a label at all?


Labels can make us feel cool, mysterious, intelligent, trendy, lineaged… like putting on a mask or expensive clothing. Many often fall into the allure of copying titles others use simply because they sound cool. We want to fit in, we feel we…

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