21 Day Program Cleanse

Merry Dooms Day everybody!

Lately I have been working on putting together some material for you guys on focusing on deprogramming yourself from organized religion. I found so much wonderful resources and methods. I’m still going to continue on pulling together the information I feel would be beneficial.

Today when working on my Twitter account I felt drawn to a wonderful gal @abroomandthemoon . Following this feeling it led me to her youtube channel, ABroomAndTheMoon and a program she had put together. She had started this in inspiration to the whole 12/21/2012. I greatly enjoyed this program so far and decided to pass it along to you.

Published on Dec 1, 2012

Welcome to the 21 Day Program Cleanse! This is day one and we are talking about your self demeanor and your vitality. Break free from your old programming! Release what no longer serves you and your highest self! Reach towards higher awareness on a daily basis and you will see huge shifts being made in your life! Sending out tons of love and light to all of you this holiday season! Healing energy sent to all who are consciously working on releasing their negative programming!


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