Psychic Vampires

I have been under the weather and couldn’t seem to pull myself out of this 4 month funk. Taking another look at my life and how things could have attributed to my state of being, I found that nothing added up. I have been a near picture perfect example of healthy living yet I couldn’t seem to shake this constant fatigue on every level. So it was time to hit the books. I had a feeling it may have been a psychic vampire, but wasn’t fully sure. Now knowing what I know I’ve managed to take the extra precautions and once again I’m feeling 110% how I should be. After my ordeal I felt it necessary to share my findings in hopes of helping those of you who also suffer from similar feelings. What I was feeling was a lack of physical energy and motivation, I was mentally exhausted all the time, I’d wake up and a few hours later I was exhausted and would go to bed for another 12 hour nap, I have gotten a cold and no matter what I did to treat it I never was able to alleviate it, I also had bouts of extreme emotional breakdowns without any sort of trigger, and the list goes on. It was frightening. 

– lovegodbob

The term psychic vampire is sometimes abbreviated psy-vamp (or psi-vamp). Alternate terms for these entities include energy vampire, energy predator, energy parasite, and energivore, as well as psionic vampire, pranic vampire, and empathic vampire.

Terms used to describe the substance or essence that psychic vampires take or receive from others include: energyqi (or ch’i), life forceprana, and vitality.

psychic vampire is a person or being who feeds off the “life force” of other living creatures. Not every vampire is human, but often times a being of some sort. Psychic vampires are represented in the occult beliefs of various cultures and in fiction. Often times a person who has a difficult time managing or creating their own personal energy from any of the faucets like emotional, physical, mental, etc, become these psychic vampire. They are seeking what  they lack and drawing it to themselves from others around them.

Not all psi vamps have the inability to regulate personal energy, but rather feed off of others regardless. Some people seek out these abilities and hone them through meditation, magic, practice, and many other methods. These are the ones who pride themselves on their ability and find joy in the draining of others.

Conscious psychic vampires are those who deliberate take energy from others, either by magical means (for example, servitors), or by some instinctive ability, via the astral plane, or by direct energy draining, often from the victim’s aura.

While they may not be able to completely control their “draining” tendencies, they do try, and seek methods of learning how to do so more effectively. They tend to have strong and volatile personalities.

Unconscious psychic vampires do not understand what they are, and tend to wander through life in a state of blissful ignorance or denial. They may or may not be aware of the effect they have on others, although they can see the results.

Unconscious psychic vampires tend to have rocky and difficult relationships, home lives and personal interactions until they come to some kind of understanding of what they are.

Other unconscious psychic vampires, who are possibly more accurately termed than the above, are those who, unknown to themselves, instinctively drain energy from those around them. The symptom of emotional (and sometimes physical) exhaustion after being in their presence for a while is typical.

Unconscious psychic vampires sometimes, instead of making use of the energy they take, disperse it uselessly into their surrounding environment.

In psychiatric terms, a psychic vampire is someone who drains emotional energy without giving anything back, and can make the other person very tired, depressed, emotionally unbalanced, or worse, if too much is drained.

Emotional vampires only feed on certain emotions, just as others feed on anything they can. Usually, the bad ones will exert a strong mental control on the victim, and do as much as possible to provoke feelings of distress, shame, and sorrow.

Most psychic vampires “feed” primarily from other human beings, but a great many report being able to “feed” from non-human living things and from other sources.

Elemental Vampires feed off of natural phenomena ie: lightning storms, thunder storms, hurricanes, ley lines, waterfalls or natural events. Most have reported it as “getting a high” from such events.

While some exclusively feed on elemental events and forces, some just use the elements to supplement their feeding until they can get a donor or person to feed from. These recipients of energy can be as different as trees, animals or crystals are.

Symbiotics are psychic vampires who survive on the draining of negative energy alone. They usually seek out and draw strength from sickness in any human they encounter. In draining the negative energy of the victim, the symbiotics become a benevolent creature making him/her feel better and possibly even healthier. Other psi usually keep out from negative energy that can damage their own system.

A sexual, sympathetic or tantric vampire is a person who feeds on sexual energy. He usually practices Tantra, an ancient Hindu practice which mixes meditation and non-orgasmic sex to attain a state of perfect bliss.

The ritual is based on activating the human energy centres, chakras, which hold the potential to reach ‘cosmic awareness’. The human body is thought to have 6 main chakras (base of spine, near navel, near heart, near throat, between brows and most importantly genitals) each of which represents a gateway to higher energy. Tantric rituals emphasise the need to open up these energy points in order to harmonise the flow of energy throughout the body to help achieve an elevated state of sexual awareness.


A common term for female vampires who feed exclusively through sex is “Succubus”, a word which originally denoted a mediaeval demon who was believed to visit men in dream and tempt them into sexual misconduct to rob their sperm; the male version of the word, although not as widespread, is “Incubus”.


Life force, or “pranic energy” is a specific type of energy produced by living things and the biosphere as a whole. This energy is also contained in the blood and is believed by some to be an integral part of the transfer which occurs between a donor and a sanguinarian. However this “energy” has never been measured by any scientific means until now, which does not mean it is not measurable.


Other types of “energy” are identified, and sometimes differentiated from “pranic energy”, these are namely sexual energy, psychic energy, emotional energy, magical energy, negative energy, astral energy, atmospheric energy, … and many others. These “energies” are given various conflicting and overlapping definitions, and the explanations of what “energy” is, exactly, and how the psychic vampire uses it tend to vary from one individual to another.

You can view this interesting phenomenon called the halo effect around your own aura by first holding your hand, palm side outward, at arm’s length, and then while viewing your hand against a neutral background, slowly expanding your peripheral vision. Finally, let your eyes fall slightly out of focus, and you will see the aura around your hand as a colorful glow surrounded by an outer halo of bright energy.

A study funded by the Parapsychology Foundation of New York showed that certain persons were highly skilled at deliberately tapping into and directly feeding upon the aura of others.

Direct observations of the aura as well as aura photographs taken before and after a psychic vampire interaction showed the victim’s aura becoming severely de-energized and constricted following an attack while the vampire’s aura became energized and expansive.

As expected, such onslaughts dramatically expanded the invading vampire’s aura but seriously dulled and constricted the host victim’s aura, a condition that often lasted for days.

By draining energy from another person’s aura, these so-called psychic vampires not only deplete the aura’s energy resources, they also interrupt the capacity of the aura’s central core to generate new energy, particularly when the interaction is prolonged.

Even more seriously, vampire puncture wounds to the aura often required weeks to heal. Long-term, continuous psychic vampire attacks can have devastating consequences that reach far beyond damage to the energy system.


Psychic vampirism is hard to recognized. Some psychic vampires self-identify on the basis of how they feel; others rely on how they seem to affect people around them. But some psychic vampires hold that the only way to know if you are a psychic vampire is to be “recognized” by other, “experienced” psychic vampires who read your aura or “energy signature”.

Here are some basic indicators to check if you are a psychic vampire (treat these as guidelines only).

  • feeling a strong sense of “drawing energy” in the presence of other people (which may be experienced as a sense of fullness, a sensation of pressure or inward “suction” in the solar plexus or above the bridge of the nose, a sense of sudden elation, euphoria, or increased vigor, or an odd optical illusion that the area around you has gotten a little brighter, as though someone just turned on an extra lamp somewhere);
  • feeling a sense of “energy overload” in which you easily “hit the wall” in social situations and need to withdraw and be alone; and lassitude, weakness and depression when you’re cut off from your usual social interactions.

Some psychic vampires include emotional empathy (“feeling” other people’s emotions and experiencing them) as a symptom, although non-vampires can be highly empathic. Effects on other people might include depression, fatigue, or loss of energy when people are around you, people sometimes avoiding you or withdrawing from you for no apparent reason, or people giving you harsh feedback about your alleged neediness, clingyness, intrusiveness or negativity.

However the feeding is performed, most psychic vampires report to get greatly invigorated physically and psychologically. Feeding can cause an amphetamine like rush.

Like blood vampires, psychic vampires feel that they must “feed” on the energy they require on a regular basis, and many report physical feelings of discomfort if they are denied access to a source. Symptoms of “energy deprivation” include extreme fatigue, depression, mood swings, immune system suppression with an increase in illnesses, uncontrollable “draining” of non-targeted sources, insomnia and anxiety, along with negative reactions from others close to the psychic vampire.



A psi-vampire attack is an uninvited and unwelcome draining of one’s vital energy by a psychic vampire.

They can occur through casual contact, at distance or even through dreams.

These attacks are not always just for draining; but also influence the mind, causing the target of the victim to hear, see, and feel things.

Attacks of this nature can range from mild to very severe, sometimes leaving the victim despondent or even physically sick from being drained so. It’ is still debated whether one can become a psychic vampire from repeated severe psi-vampire attacks.

If you suddenly feel emotionally or mentally depleted, you may be under attack by a psychic vampire. The unfortunate effects of prolonged energy loss are damage to the energy system itself and in some instances, serious illness.

Dr. Judith Orloff has identified several profiles of psychic, or in her terminology, “energy vampires”:

  • The Sob Sister who always considers her/himself the victim. The world is always against them and they’ll recount every horrible thing that has happened, wallowing in every perceived slight and whining all the time.
  • The Charmer, a constant talker or joke-teller who has to be the center of attention ad nauseam.
  • The Blamer who cuts you down with criticism doling out endless servings of guilt.
  • The Drama Queen who lives in extremes of emotion with life being unbelievably good or horrifically bad and wearing you out while blabbing on and on and on.

If you have little self-confidence in facing a psychic vampire and think you might be especially vulnerable then you can actually help the psychic vampire to influence or control you in some way just as readily as Mina invited Count Dracula into her home.

Depending on the talents and abilities of the psychic vampire, their negative thoughts can reach out to others. Psychic vampires have various ways of sucking your energy. Negative comments are very efficient at draining the life right out of you. ‘You can’t do that; you should do this; are you living in wonderland?” are all very effective at bringing you down.  “What’s wrong with you? You are bad” – are vampire tools that make you feel weak and small even if you are robust and tall.

Just keep firmly in mind that your own thoughts are far more important and strong within you than any words that others place upon you. You must not allow psychic vampires to have any kind of control over you.

If you simply refuse to accept that the vampire can harm you and actually believe this to be true then little or no harm can come to you and the psychic vampire’s efforts will either ruined or better will return to the sender.

There are of course any number of other, fairly standard, “magical” protective mechanisms you can use including constructing a doll or poppet of the vampire concerned and driving a wooden spike into it, the intention here is to stop them from affecting you rather than inflicting actual physical death. Crystals are also recommended to build a shield around you.



3 thoughts on “Psychic Vampires

  1. While a good deal of the information you provide as to our origins you are woefully naiive if you think that you are safe if we decide to predate you. There is no psychic shield that cannot be defeated, and you may as well tell yourself gravity isn’t real for all the good it will do you. Not all vampires know the techniques, so you may be somewhat safe but by and large you are not.

    1. I was going from what I know and was able to find. I never claimed it was complete. I thank you for your input as it is enlightening to actually hear from one such as yourself. Gratitude, and blessings to you. ^_^

      1. You are very welcome… I should point out that part of the vampiric condition sometimes includes a bit of moodiness. I was in one such mood upon my last visit because most of the information put forth by so called experts outside our community is incomplete, inaccurate or inflammatory. The truth is we vampires run the gamut from voracious unintentionals (those that are not aware of their vampiric nature ) to ancients and elders of incredible abilities. We are diverse spiritually, socially, sexually. We emcompass many philosophical paradigms. Some are satanists (athiestic LaVeyans) and other left handed paths while some are pagan, and even Christian backgrounds. Interestingly as vampires regardless of other considerations, we often share a belief in reincarnation and karma. Some of us view you mundanes as food and take a parasitic or predatory approach to feeding. Others preach the absurdities of consentual symbiotic feeding from willing donors…(personal biases clearly evident). Some of us refuse to be bound by such conventions and embrace who and what we are even while we conceal it from you or fill your heads with romanticised imagery that obfuscates the fact that we are in fact not entirely benevolent. I am rather dark myself though I do not embrace the left hand path. In fact although I consider myself “post Christian ” agnostic, I waver between chaotic good with the occasional brush with lawful evil when my hunger takes me. I believe in karma and seek to leave my prey or domesticated donors sexually and emotionally balanced rather than depleted, though often a side effect is an almost instantaneous addiction to my wiles. What I refuse to do is be bound to only feeding from the willing and informed. I do what is in my nature to do but I strive to achieve balance rather than allow my hunger master me. If you would like to converse more I would welcome it.

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