Inducing an OBE

Today a friend was asking about O.B.E.s (out of body experience) and about the astral plane. To him I explained how both events are essentially the same in getting free from the physical body. Once free one is able to shape shift, visit places anywhere in this world or any other plane of existence they desire. However there are dangers as people aren’t the only things running about out there on the astral plane.

In fact, there are the numerous spirits, ghosts, demons, angels, elementals, or however you come to call them, they too can access the astral planes and can  harm you if you’re not careful, but that happening isn’t likely unless you go in desiring to come across such a nasty. You’ll most certainly get your wish. On the astral planes every wish, thought, or desire is like a beacon and are just as loud as if you were to run around shouting them at the top of your lungs in a crowded room.

But for the beginners there is nothing to worry about as your spirit guide will be with you every step of the way and you aren’t yet experienced enough to get to the higher planes where said nasty things can be found. So lets start with the basics of conditioning your body to release the bonds on your mind and free your spirit from the flesh. Near death experiences are indeed effective in inducing an experience, but it’s not recommended and this is a far safer way of doing so.

With enough practice you’ll have the ability to sit back and just let it happen. These relaxation techniques are also beneficial for other situations aside from making yourself sleep or slipping out of your body. They help with anxiety, anger, or fear as well.

Get in a relaxed position, reclined or laying down. Make sure there are no distractions, and that your clothing isn’t constricting in anyway. Prepare yourself as if you were to meditate, but we won’t be slipping into that state. However we will get to explore the actual boarder between sleep and being awake.

Once comfortable, close your eyes and slowly become aware of every part of your body starting with your toes and ending with the hairs in your scalp, this can take a few minutes.  Now feel yourself as an empty vessel and note at the lightness of each part or yourself as you again reach out becoming yet again aware of everything.

Now envision that you’re being slowly filled with a heavy substance like sand filling you a quarter of the way. Reach out again and feel the weight of it. When reaching out try not to actually move any part of your body as this would disturb the progress and you’d be back peddling. Instead remain still and as you feel yourself becoming heavy feel your mind sink that much further into yourself.

Now the sand fills you half way. Once again reach out with your awareness. You’re body becoming harder and heavier as you feel yourself being pressed into your seat, almost as if you were becoming part of whatever it is you’re sitting/laying on. Your mind slipping deeper as you become heavier. Now you’re ¾ of the way full of sand and feeling very heavy, but not suffocating. Remember to keep your eyes closed or else you’ll have to start all over again, same if there were a distraction too.

Now you’re all the way filled. Feeling the last grains of sand fall into place and now you’re awareness should be able to stretch into the furniture and even the floor at this point. Your mind should be fully sunken within yourself and you should be able to make out some kind of resistance against you keeping you from going any deeper. That slight resistance you’re feeling is the barrier between being asleep and being awake. Cross that and you’ll be in a deep restful sleep, however we’re gonna stay on the awake side for this exercise.

Within yourself move about and explore this boundary. How do you see it? Is it a red velvet rope? A canyon, a crack in the sidewalk, is it a chalk line, or is it a large stone wall? How do you see this resistance? Touch it press on it, but don’t cross it or you’ll have to wait till your body wakes up naturally and will have to start all over again.

Ok, now that you’re comfortable within yourself and you’re done looking around, try moving within yourself without moving your body. Can you feel a separate inner body? This is your spirit self, or astral form. Will feel like you’re swimming in mud, and that’s only because you’re still residing in your own flesh.  Starting with your fingers and arms slowly feel your way around and pull free from yourself. Take your time with this cause if you rush you’ll get slammed back into yourself and wake with a nasty head ache.

Slowly sit up from yourself  and look around. Stand up and step away from your body. Not everyone can see their own body the first time, however it’ll be an overwhelming sense of  freedom  and often times nervousness, but that’s ok. Just take everything one step at a time. Staying within the room or close proximity to your body see what all you can do with this new form. You’ll find you can do in human things like being fast, flying, going through objects, very much like a ghost, cause essentially that’s what you are at the moment.

Don’t freak out, but rather stay calm  and collected. If you feel overwhelmed, insecure, or frightened in any way or just feel you’re done; with a single thought and wish you’ll snap back to your body and once there if you don’t wake on impact do the relaxation drill with the sand, but backwards. Coming fully awake in this slow manner is easier on the mind as some can go into shock or refuse to believe what happened actually happened.

Congratulations, you’ve astral projected! People do it all the time most often when asleep. When one suddenly jerks awake, that’s the spirit slamming back into the body, or the deceivingly realistic vivid dreams are another indication you’re having an OBE. Just remember your ability to travel, learn, and discover things holds an infinitely endless string of possibilities.

Good luck to you, and sweet dreams!
Blessed Be to you all )O(


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