Aeracura, Aericura, Heracura. Name for a Celto-Germanic goddess seen as a cult partner of Dis Pater in a stone statue found at Oberseeback, Switzerland. Aeracura may have been an earth goddess displaced by Dis Pater. Hername may be related to Hecate, the Greek goddess of the underworld. A male couterpart, Aericurus, is recorded in Northumberland.

Aeracura is typically pictured carring a horn of plenty and a basket of fruit. She is a celtic earth mother and earth diety.  According to some, Aeracura is a goddess devoted to blossoming, and should be welcomed into the garden for beauty to unfold from your flowers and her help.

Message from Aeracura:
In many ways you are like a flower bud who is ripe and ready to open and grow.  Don’t try to rush this process, as it’s part of your beautiful path.  Enjoy learning new knowledge and skills.   Take your time to gather new ideas.  Nurture your body with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, water and healthful food.  Soon enough you’ll get the unmistakable signal that it’s time for you to put your learning into action.  Spend time among flowers, or work with flower essences and oils to support your growth process.

Aercrua is a Celtic and Germanic goddess who multitasks as an Earth Mother Deity, a fairy queen, and also as a bridge between earthly life and the hereafter.  She is especially fond of assisting artists and inventors.

She governs over manifestations and appears takes special interest in artists and inventers. She’ll appear to them intrigued with their works and will offer her guidence and support in their craft. If someone has a dire need Aeracura is the one to call upon for that emergency providance. She is resider over abundance, change, craft, death, earth, fairies, art, and rebirth. Using her symbols of flowers and tools of a trade are some good ways to intive her into your life. 

Go outside to call upon Aeracura by taking off your shoes and connect to mother earth in your bare feet.  She is very kind hearted and if she hears your calls you will be well taken care of, but don’t forget to thank her!

I personally enjoy dancing with her our in my own little make-shift garden every evening when the world starts to settle down and the air cools. Since welcoming Aeracura into my garden it has exploded and have so many blooms and buds most of which are way early. I’m so thankful to her. Hoping to celebrate her presence by planint an orchid or lillies to honor her.

Hope you enjoyed this little ….thingy. ^_^ It was fun to write. Will be adding more dieties I personally follow. Blessed be to you all and Merry Part. 


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