ALL is ONE explained

Written by Chrissie Wildwood, The Encyclopedia of Healing Plants (1998)

Since the late 1970’s there has been a flurry of books which detail with authority the connections between Eastern mysticism, the philosophy of holism and recent developments in quantum (subatomic) physics. Although the various schools of thought differ in many details, they all emphasis the basic unity of all things. The cosmos is seen as one inseparable reality-forever in motion, alive, organic; spiritual and material at the same time.

The quantum physicist recognizes a realm beyond the atom, proton, electron and quark, all of which can be broken down into smaller particles and therefore take up space. Whatever it is that shapes the universe and bestows it with life is non-material and takes up no space. In the subatomic realm there is no distinction between animate and inanimate, between mind and matter. Everything in the universe is a reflection of underlying vibration. The only difference between myriad manifestations of nature is the frequency at which they vibrate. Mind energy (like electricity), for example, vibrates so fast that it is apparently invisible; whereas stone (or any other ‘solid’ object) vibrates so slowly that we are unaware of it’s essential dynamism. Vibration is also another word for energy. Life is essentially energy- so we return to the ancient realization that ALL is ONE.

This is how I preceive the concept that All is One, and it’s done in such a logical way that it’s hard for anyone to deny it no matter their belief system. There will be more to come on energy, vibrations, and physics of it all.

)O( Blessed Be )O(


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