Gifts from the Goddess

For almost a week I had been experiencing dreams and daydreams of divination. Now I’m not big on divination and haven’t really had much interest in it. Previously, some years ago, I had a beautiful dragon tarot deck, but I had to pass it on when it reached out to one of my friends. He treasures it still to this day. I then pulled out a bunch of pennies and with my paint pens created my own set of runes. I never did much fortune telling or anything of the like. It was just nice to have for those occasions in which I needed to see or help out a friend. When my roommate came home from her sun festival this last weekend she was called to get this beautiful rune set, but she didn’t have a clue as to why. She doesn’t do anything more than scry when it comes to divination. On her way home she had an epiphany, that the stones were for me! They were perfect. The very same ones from my visions.

I’d asked nothing of the Goddess or God but their love and guidance. They have bestowed so many blessings on me, and have steadily been supplying me with proper tools, people, and opportunities. All of which to better celebrate and practice with. I have come a long way with my studies and craft-work. I feel like a small child with a new shiny toy that is the greatest thing since the “ball”! lol Many blessings be upon you!

Blessed be


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