dead hummingbird

(not my actual skull)

Today when watering my flowers I came across a mostly decomposed humming bird laying in my may-apple’s pot. All the bones were crushed but the skull. I carefully removed the head of it and buried the body saying a prayer for it’s spirit and placed some flowers over it’s little grave. I came inside and placed the uncleaned skull in my offering bowl ( a small shallow oak bowl.) Lighting an incense and candle I asked the Mother and Father to guide the poor little guy’s spirit, and asked permission to use his skull. With a sudden image of a smiling bird in my mind’s eye, if birds could smile, and was overwhelmed with glee. Now I’m off to boil it down to finish cleaning off the little bits still attached, then into a bath of peroxide for a day or more to whiten it, and finally placed onto my alter and dedicated to my works and the Ancient Ones.  I’m excited. This whole ordeal, even though it’s a sad find, I can’t help but feel that it’s a gift.  Perhaps when I’ve finished I’ll post about cleaning and preserving animal finds.

Until then, Blessed Be, and Merry Meet Again. ^_^


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