Mad as HEll!

Ok, most of you are aware of my Merlyn by now. He’s a 4 month old little puppy maltese mix, a small dog. Being only 7 pounds there isn’t much to him, and he’s the nicest friendliest little guy I’ve ever come across. Very obedient and very willing to please. I tell you all this because today was Merlyn’s groomer visit for his bimonthly full service. He’s treated like a prince every time he goes and the staff is always kind and extremely careful with all their clients. I have nothing against the business or the fabulous staff… just one. A new guy who was not only rough with Merlyn and the other dogs there, but did rush jobs and dashed out before his shift was over. Went in to pick him up, which the groomer was very rude on the phone, and the one girl left there by herself picking up all the other groomer’s chores and dealing with a kennel of dogs couldn’t find my Merlyn. The groomer responsible for him had put him in the wrong kennel and put his collar and leash on the kennel of another dog. Not only was he crying so hard and loud that it was obvious from the front of the store (the groomers were at the back) that he was in distress. Sounded like someone was killing him. Got him out of there and he was extremely skiddish and deathly afraid of all men, even my boyfriend.  I’ve never seen him in attack mode before, but he was. Every time a man came even remotely close to him his head was down, tail was up but not wagging and he was growling. He fought hard when I went to put him in his crate to take him home and he’d always been so enthusiastic about getting in it and would crate himself, but he refused to get in and cried the whole way home. What the hell did that guy do to my baby!? Got him home and then actually got a look at him and the job that was done was terrible!.. They didn’t finish washing him, didn’t trim his nails, his hair cut was choppy, uneven and completely left his ears legs and tail untouched when I made sure that they get done when I dropped him off. Other than being whiter he looks worse than before I took him in. We’re going in tomorrow morning and get things straightened out and ban that guy from doing anything with Merlyn. *simmers* Now I have to reteach him and show him that his crate is ok and to not be afraid of guys anymore.

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