Finding Your Magical Name

Some witches are guided to their names by their deities, familiars, or spirit guides.  Others create their own name from things that they are drawn to, and a few, like myself, use numerology to discover our magical name.

A magical name is a name in which a witch identifies with when working their craft and when communicating with other witches and pagans. The name itself can be a color, stone/gem, element, animal, plant, zodiac, tool, or any combination thereof.  For example; my own magical name is Willow.

First we need to figure out your destiny number, which is the number of your full birth name added together. The destiny number will be compared to the number of the names you choose as a whole. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it,  it’s just simple addition.

We’ll be using the Pythagorean chart to give the letters a number value, shown below.

I’ll use a random name to walk you through this. Remember that each number has to be worked down to a single number.

Caroline Lue Ried

Caroline : 3+1+9+6+3+9+5= 86: 8+6= 14: 1+4= 5

Lue: 3+3+5=11: 1+1= 2

Ried: 9+9+5+4= 27: 2+7= 9

Now to add the name #s together to find the destiny number.

5+2+9=16: 1+6= 7

For this name the destiny number is 7. With a collection of interests, lets say birds and elements, we can come up with a variety of combinations.

FireBird, WaterWren, EarthOwl, AirRaven


6+9+9+5+2+9+9+4= 53; 5+3=8


5+1+2+5+9+5+9+5+5=46; 4+6=10; 1+0=1


5+1+9+2+8+6+5+3=39; 3+9=12 ; 1+2= 3


1+9+9+9+1+4+5+5=43; 4+3=7 (A MATCH!!)

So for this name the magical name could be AirRaven, and it’s that easy. So, go ahead and try it yourself it’s fun just to see what comes out.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. ^_^ Blessed Be!


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