The Book of Mirrors

The Book of Mirrors (BOM) is a simple journal of all that you have learned as a Pagan. This is a tool for exploration, recording your reactions to spells, rituals, meditations and dreams. It should be kept by you, for yourself and not shared, even within your Coven. If you have something from it you would like to share, re-write it on loose paper, parchment or in a shared Book of Shadows.

Your BOM is used to help show you who you are – it is a reflection of you. It should be a guide for you as you explore the world of Paganism, Magic and yourself. You should never change anything in your BOM; if something your wrote before has changed, write about that change. The BOM does not have to be decorative or fancy; no one will be seeing it but you. My BOM is a large and growing collection of spiral notebooks.

Whatever your feelings are, record them in your BOM. This is not the place to be kind or polite, it is the place to be direct and truthful. You may find out some things about yourself that you don’t like, but if you are not honest about it, you will never be able to change it. Your BOM is a tool for personal growth – be honest with it and it will be honest with you.


Ultimately, a BOM is the journal of your advancement, and the BOS is the actual recipe book. I personally keep three different books. My book of shadows, which is a 3″ three ring binder packed with information and recipes. My book of mirrors, a normal journal type book that is used strictly for my practices and experiences. Lastly what I’ve come to call my book of the soul, which I haven’t really been able to find anywhere else, but I use it as my “share book” where I keep information and my own personal experiences in which I feel might be useful to anyone else and they’re welcome to it. It’s basically just my open book.

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