Orycon 2010

This year at Orycon I will be volunteering to help with set up and such. There will be Larp games going on and later a party in one of the ballrooms at the double tree hotel downtown Portland, Or. ^_^ Last night was the first night of initial set up and boy oh boy were we tired and sore.. but it all turned out awesome!! ^_^ my boyfriend, Andrew, had the honor of paying the first blood sacrifice to the set up equipment. He survived as there were snacks and sodas yay for the bandaid! lol yeah yeah I know.. I’m using the blog as a sorta diary .. journal thing at the moment.. but oh well. just thought I would share ^_^ If anyone out there actually taking the time to read my silly dribble you are more than free to join in on any LARPing going on.. just need to pay 5$ if you’re not a member of the White-Wolf society. A small contribution for oodles and oodles of fun!! cause then you’re also able to come to the party!! WOOT.. mind you we are an 18+ organization and there will be a bartender there checking IDs but also plenty of soda and munch’n stuffs ^_^ the party will run 7pm till midnight ..or until the booze runs out.. lol anyways.. I’m sipping my coffee eat’n tater tots as i get ready go back and work some more ^_^ tootles for now ppls! ^_^


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